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 (mī′krō-sĕn′sər, -sôr′, -krə-)
A miniature electronic device that detects information about a specific variable such as temperature or light.
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In this case, the technology readiness levels of the various applications and components needed to design a pebble-sized unattended microsensor are relatively low.
VITROS MicroSlide Technology provides high-quality results, minimal operator interventions, ease of use, and 95 percent reportable result efficiency with layered dry slide technology; VITROS MicroTipTechnology provides special chemistry menu offerings and user-defined assays without cost, maintenance, carryover, and contamination risks of water-based systems; VITROS MicroWell Technology provides fewer unnecessary dilutions, repeats, and redraws with Enhanced Chemiluminescence detection; VITROS MicroSensor Technology provides reduced time, labor, and error potential with endogenous interferences detection and flagging that requires no reagent or extra consumables; and VITROS Intellicheck Technology provides accurate and efficient result reporting with Intellicheck Technology.
One microsensor was placed externally, just beside the hollow opening in an inverted plastic cup that was insulated with duct tape, to record the ambient conditions.
The new detection system incorporates quartz microsensor technology patented by the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (UPV) that allows real-time analysis, combined with technology that can reliably detect DNA mutations, developed by Destina Genomics.
The role of a microsensor is to convert mechanical signals into electrical signals.
Vitros MicroSlide Technology is one of the five enabling technologies, which also include Vitros MicroTip Technology, Vitros MicroWell Technology, Vitros MicroSensor Technology and Vitros IntelliCheck Technology.
Thus using the technique of MEMS, allowing miniaturization of all components used, we have created a solid, multiparametric microsensor monitoring cardiovascular system with the maximum dimensions of 5 mm.
The VITROS 4600 Chemistry System also incorporates state-of-the-art features including MicroSlide Technology, MicroTip Technology, MicroSensor Technology,
Among them are ambient ionizing mass spectrometry, the analysis of water in confined geometries and at interfaces, in-situ optical studies of solid-oxide fuel cells, electrochemical aspects of electrospray and laser desorption/ionization for mass spectrometry, adaptive microsensor systems, chiral separations, fundamentals of rotationally induced hydrodynamics and applications to high-speed bioassays, microsystems for capturing low-abundance cells, and advances in mass spectrometry for lipidomics.
NIR applications include chemical ID, moisture analysis, radiometry and solar irradi-ance measurements, laser characterization, biomedical, microsensor applications, chemo-metrics, and thin-film measurements.
An important breakthrough in the measurement and regulation of water stress in grapevines and vineyards is closer to reality with the development of a microsensor that can be embedded in the trunk of a grapevine.
Cada tunel actua como un microsensor, permitiendo el contacto con el exterior de una red nerviosa unida directamente al cerebro, la cual monitorea la temperatura, la presion, las cargas electricas y la composicion quimica de las aguas.