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 (mī′krō-sĕn′sər, -sôr′, -krə-)
A miniature electronic device that detects information about a specific variable such as temperature or light.
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Engineers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh will work on the microsensor that can monitor tiny, microscale mechanical changes to the body's tissue.
For microsensor measurements, holes were drilled in the bivalve shell of one specimen using a hand held drill (Dremel "MultiPro" 395; Germany).
A new optical microsensor was prepared for nitrite ion by Noor et al., in 2016.
Energy-efficient communication protocol for wireless microsensor networks.
The advanced and adaptable technology of Polsec, which is already operating in some Brazilian locations and is currently being tested by India in Mumbai, Delhi and Agra, uses tiny microsensor units placed throughout public areas.
In this case, the technology readiness levels of the various applications and components needed to design a pebble-sized unattended microsensor are relatively low.
ALEACH: Advanced LEACH routing protocol for wireless microsensor networks.
Since PDMS films are deformable under shear and normal forces, three-axis pressure capacitive microsensor arrays can be developed with appropriate electrode design [13].
ZnO microwires, on the other hand, which have unique piezoelectric property, have been demonstrated to act as microsensor or field effect transistor [13].
As a control method for the measuring of molecular hydrogen concentration in PBS buffer the Unisense [H.sub.2] Microsensor was employed.
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