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Noun1.hyposmia - lessened sensitivity to odors
dysomia - impairment of the sense of smell
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Ao Anal do preenchimento desse questionario ha uma pontuacao obtida que vai de 0 (pior) a 40 (melhor), que se traduz por uma classificacao da funcao olfatoria em normosmia, microsmia (leve, moderada e severa) e anosmia [16].
In a study of 26 children aged 11-17 years, microsmia (significant smell deficit) was present in 8 of the 13 children with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, 4 of 5 depressed children, and none of the 3 patients with bipolar disorder or 5 with psychosis not otherwise specified.
This test provides an accurate index of smell loss (anosmia; mild, moderate, or severe microsmia).