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n. pl. mi·cro·spor·o·gen·e·ses (-sēz)
The formation of microspores.
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According to Ashraf (2004), saline stress reduces the number of fruits because it acts on the microsporogenesis and elongation of stamen filaments, increasing cell death in some types of tissues and causing abortion of ovules and senescence of fertilized embryos.
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The pollen viability may be affected by genetic factors such as abnormalities during microsporogenesis and climatic factors such as relative air humidity and air temperature that affects the pollen grain physiology (Ferreira et al., 2007).
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Keywords: Feijoa sellowiana; Microsporogenesis; Megasporogensis; Male gametophyte; Female gametophyte
This phase also comprised studies that focused on microsporogenesis of interspecific hybrids predominantly those between V.
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Furness & Rudall (1999) estudiaron la microsporogenesis en Monocotiledoneas, describieron sus tipos en el orden y analizaron los datos conocidos hasta ese momento sobre la abertura de los granos de polen en las familias.
The main aim of this paper was to investigate a detailed study on microsporogenesis of Azalea alexander L., for improving the knowledge of microsporogenesis developmental events and for evaluating of taxonomic relationship among Azalea species.