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An independent country that is very small in area and population. Also called ministate.
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(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a very small nation that is an internationally-recognized sovereign state. Also called: mini-state
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(ˈmɪn iˌsteɪt)

a small, independent nation.
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(85) The often remote location and small operating budget of a microstate's government mean that Geneva-based negotiations pose an excessive burden on the acceding state.
For [PHI], the collapsed microstate is a member of [H.sub.[PHI]].
They turned it into a Taliban-style microstate, where the movie theater was converted into a mosque, men and women are banned from mingling in public and drinking alcohol is punishable by 100 lashes.
The polisario is financed by Algeria and is propped up by the communist regime of Cuba, he underlined, saying that "an illusory, a fake microstate in Northern Africa" would be led by a repressive class.
We developed narratives to keep track of microstate clinical developments, after collecting data from complementary sources: direct interviews with individuals, direct observations during clinical procedures in several European hospitals and published documents such as press releases from industry and scientific publications over a period of three years.
It has no substantial tourist attractions, yet in the past 44 years of its independence, this highly cosmopolitan and diverse microstate has become the fifth wealthiest economy in the world in terms of GDP per capita.
Even if Paphos were an independent microstate, one could criticise the Mayor for falling prey to short sighted populism.
where [k.sub.B] is a physical constant known as Boltzmann's constant, i is the energy of microstate, and [p.sub.i] is the probability that it occurs during the system's fluctuations.
Each combination of positions and velocities represents a microstate. The equilibrium structure or macroscopic properties of the system (e.g.
Step (3) realizes the government of collective modes, selecting the to-be-manifested state ([W.sub.biol3]=1, if we accept the view that in a certain instant any macroscopic system has only one microstate realized) from [W.sub.biol2]<<[W.sub.biol1], organizing the collective states into global modes, governing all the >[10.sup.19] reactions [s.sup.-1] occurring in the cells of the human organism, and manifesting them.
So, I turn up in Tonga, one of the weirdest countries on the planet, but a microstate. And, sure enough, not only did they fall into all the other microstate "touchstones," they have a complex, but reasonably effective, land distribution system.