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1. The structure of an organism or object as revealed through microscopic examination.
2. A microscopic component, device, or system, especially one manufactured using MEMS.


structure on a microscopic scale, esp the structure of an alloy as observed by etching, polishing, and observation under a microscope


(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌstrʌk tʃər)

the structure of an etched and polished metal or alloy as observed under magnification.


[ˈmaɪkrəʊˌstrʌktʃəʳ] Nmicroestructura f
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These changes in solder mechanical behavior are a result of the evolution of the solder microstructure that occurs during aging.
Rather than apply global rules about how much metal we can remove and how fast we can rotate the part, we will develop a technique that can monitor - in real time - the "microstructure" of the part, in order to determine how much pressure we apply with the cutting tool.
Laser micromachining firm 3D-Micromac has introduced the MicroPrep 2.0 laser ablation system for the high-volume sample preparation of metals, semiconductors, ceramics and compound materials for microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis (FA).
This new clearance and indication for the Cellvizio probe-based CLE system, a visualization platform that incorporates laser scanning technology to generate images of the internal microstructure of tissues, states that it can be used for in vivo imaging of the internal microstructure of tissues, including the identification of cells and vessels and their organisation or architecture during endoscopic procedures.
Results of some published investigations with low alloyed Cr-Mo-V cast steels reports about possibility of regenerative heat treatment after prolonged exploitation and influence of microstructure on properties, [2, 3].
The mechanical properties of material are determined by its microstructure. And, processing parameters of directional solidification can be controlled to change microstructure and then enhance the performance of 6061 aluminium alloy [2].
Observation and Quantification for the Microstructure. In order to confirm the effect of the added trace elements on the microstructures of the alloys, the observation and quantification for the optical microstructure were carried out.
The surface profile of the first measured microstructure was replotted, as shown in Figure 8, by employing the same vertical and horizontal plotting scales.
However, previous studies mainly focused on the effect of microstructure on the fatigue crack propagation and the remaining life of steel and weld joint using standard fatigue test and/or numerical simulation [18, 19].
Owing to the difference of microstructure in the welded joint, the corrosion situation is different.
Virtual casting includes alloy design/selection, process optimization, multi-scale defect and microstructure simulation, and comprehensive analyses and predictions of component mechanical properties and performance.
A typical ICME analysis process starts from the material processing/manufacturing models, which predict the influence of processing conditions on the material microstructure features.