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n. Music
An interval smaller than a semitone.

mi′cro·ton′al (-tō′nəl) adj.
mi′cro·to·nal′i·ty (-tō-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
mi′cro·ton′al·ly adv.
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(Music, other) any musical interval smaller than a semitone
ˌmicroˈtonal adj
ˌmicrotoˈnality n
ˌmicroˈtonally adv
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(ˈmaɪ krəˌtoʊn)

a musical interval smaller than a semitone.
mi`cro•ton′al, adj.
mi`cro•ton′al•ly, adv.
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In 1995 he developed a new microtonal system for saxophone he termed 'split scales' which he revealed on his debut solo CD Circe.
And if I were to approach the matter vaguely chronologically, I would recommend Ciurlionis' piano compositions, the works of the first two Lithuanian avant-gardists Vytautas Bacevicius (brother of Polish composer Grazyna Bacewicz) and Jeronimas Kacinskas (a student of Alois Haba at the Prague Conservatory and a pioneer of microtonal music in Lithuania).
A fact unknown to Boye, and most of his contemporaries, is that the semitone is not a fixed size in pitch when performed (except by fixed-pitch instruments such as keyboards and harps), but is subject to an infinite number of microtonal variations.
The Lento is most distinctive, a fever dream of anxiety that makes use of microtonal glissandos, bending in canon.
Called "the guiding light for his generation of six-stringers"by The Buffalo Times, He is "A fretless guitar virtuoso whose microtonal adventures rival those of many eastern musicians, and a talent for rhythm and nuttiness" (Bass Musician Magazine).
In 1984, the Fugs began to perform annual reunion concerts, and Sanders continued to invent microtonal musical instruments (such as the Pulse Lyre, Talking Tie, and others) that accompanied his poetry readings, a project that began in 1968.
are George Crumb, whose Vox Balaenae (1971) imitated whales with warbling, microtonal flute passages, and Pink Floyd, whose "Echoes" piece (1972) featured the delay-dripped "wailing" of guitarist David Gilmour.
At the Neue Galerie, there is a rewarding passage from Russian philosopher and painter Pavel Filonov's extraordinary canvases Cosmos (Formula of the Cosmos), 1918-19, and Formula of Spring, 1922-23, to fragments of microtonal composer Mikhail Matyushin's score for the Futurist opera Victory over the Sun, 1913, via a long corridor where classical marble figures keep company with Hungarian shaman-poet Katalin Ladik's collages and vocal compositions from the late 1960s and '70s.
In March Beckwith was the 2017 Wilma and Clifford Visitor at the University of Toronto's music faculty, and his talk was preceded by a short recital featuring some of his solo songs, A Game of Bowls (1999) for "kitchen percussion," and Follow Me (2013) for clarinet and piano; his Fractions (2006) for microtonal piano and string quartet received its Montreal premiere at McGill University.