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n. Music
An interval smaller than a semitone.

mi′cro·ton′al (-tō′nəl) adj.
mi′cro·to·nal′i·ty (-tō-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
mi′cro·ton′al·ly adv.


(Music, other) any musical interval smaller than a semitone
ˌmicroˈtonal adj
ˌmicrotoˈnality n
ˌmicroˈtonally adv


(ˈmaɪ krəˌtoʊn)

a musical interval smaller than a semitone.
mi`cro•ton′al, adj.
mi`cro•ton′al•ly, adv.
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Called "the guiding light for his generation of six-stringers"by The Buffalo Times, He is "A fretless guitar virtuoso whose microtonal adventures rival those of many eastern musicians, and a talent for rhythm and nuttiness" (Bass Musician Magazine).
are George Crumb, whose Vox Balaenae (1971) imitated whales with warbling, microtonal flute passages, and Pink Floyd, whose "Echoes" piece (1972) featured the delay-dripped "wailing" of guitarist David Gilmour.
Since the 1990s, he has pursued and evolved his variant of (new) simplicity, the type of music that blends such traditional elements as tonal harmony, melody and regular rhythms with microtonal detuning and unusual timbres.
Known internationally for his fondness for microtonal writing, Haas has only relatively recently established a reputation in this country.
Five of these are for Chaplin films--City Lights, Modern Times, Pay Day, The Pilgrim, and Shoulder Arms--and the final three include Dean Drummond's 1998 microtonal score for The Last Laugh, Jo van den Booren's 1985 score for La passion de Jeanne d'Arc, and a 2006 publication of Metropolis credited to Gottfried Huppertz.
He knows his voice has held up remarkably well, that his search for new harmonies (in Harry Partch's microtonal instrumentsbased on 43 tones instead of 12which he uses on a few songs on this album) and unexpected rhythms and new rhymes could conceivably keep going on for a while.
In 1995 he developed a new microtonal system he termed "split scales" for saxophone which he revealed on his debut solo CD Circe.
Organizada en 2015 por ese museo para celebrar el centenario del Parque Balboa--lugar en el que se encuentra--, la muestra se adapto en Mexico sustituyendo la ausencia de algunas atractivas piezas, como el retrato en tapiz del compositor Phillip Glass (realizado por el pintor Chuck Close en 2005) y la instalacion sonora-interactiva Pared microtonal (2011), de Tristan Perich, con importantes firmas mexicanas.
She uses unusual microtonal tunings derived from vibrations of the infrared world of the DNA molecule, in which light frequencies, translated into pitches, create a sonic "map" for the human ear that one author called "the invisible whispers within.
Occasionally microtonal and making extensive use of harmonics (the whistle pitches produced by half-pressure on a bowed string), the piece, which also featured inspired solo piano moments, ended with a delicious piano arpeggio that twirled into the air, hanging above us with a mischievous wink.
For example, musical arrangements were often simplified through the omission of complex rhythms, ornaments, and microtonal inflections.
As it turns out, by the times Ives mailed out copies of the "Concord" Sonata and his Essays, in 1921, transcendentalism was passe; what actually made some take notice of his music in the 1920s was "its deployment of novel techniques: the dissonances, microtonal experiments, spatial effects, and unusual schemes for pitch organization" (32).