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n. Music
An interval smaller than a semitone.

mi′cro·ton′al (-tō′nəl) adj.
mi′cro·to·nal′i·ty (-tō-năl′ĭ-tē) n.
mi′cro·ton′al·ly adv.


(Music, other) any musical interval smaller than a semitone
ˌmicroˈtonal adj
ˌmicrotoˈnality n
ˌmicroˈtonally adv


(ˈmaɪ krəˌtoʊn)

a musical interval smaller than a semitone.
mi`cro•ton′al, adj.
mi`cro•ton′al•ly, adv.
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A few of the older pieces reveal Chaloupka's having been influenced by his teacher Martin Smolka (as well as, for instance, Louis Andriessen, from whom he also took lessons) - a tinge of minimalism, tonal chords microtonally detuned so as not to sound overly sweet, repetition of melodic motifs, albeit never quite regularly.
Monk bends pitches microtonally, each note emphasized with labial consonants that draw our attention to her mouth.
Even the most prosaic scribblings from the highway railing--"I'm goin' home to Boston, Massachussetts," or addresses such as "118 East Ventura Street" and "915 South Westlake Avenue," or hitchhiker curses ("To hell with it," "Damn it anyhow")--are given distinctive and witty musical treatments, the voice part broadly diatonic or microtonally inflected by turns.
The ratio 1/1 in Partch's system is always taken as G, regardless of the actual "tonic" of a given passage of music: in relation to this, 14/11 is a kind of B, microtonally inflected upwards by a small amount (about eighteen cents).
The coexistence of these two phenomena, beating produced by the partials of two tones, should also explain--again, in part--why equal-tempered major thirds could sometimes seem dissonant, as well as various other traditionally consonant intervals that have been microtonally altered.
Especially Smolka's more recent pieces (ca from 1998) strikingly draw on the expressive possibilities of traditional melodic phrases and harmonic progressions, but microtonally deformed: "In the choral piece Walden, the Distiller of Celestial Dews, in the 3rd part called Indians I exposed a B Minor triad in several.
All his mature music is written for instruments of his own design and construction, tuned to a microtonally extended just-intonation scale that derives from, and expands upon, the tuning system of the later ancient Greek modes.
They are written for voice and Adapted Viola in a system of microtonally extended just intonation.