microwave spectrum

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Noun1.microwave spectrum - the part of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to microwavesmicrowave spectrum - the part of the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to microwaves
spectrum - an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
electromagnetic spectrum - the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves
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For the Vanden Heuvels, the solution is fixed wireless, a microwave spectrum transmission between network 'node' and residential transmitter-receiver."
Based on that, Huawei proposes the 5G microwave MIMO solution which can improve the microwave spectrum efficiency by 100% to double the capacity, shorten the installation distance (Rayleigh distance) by 67%, and reduce the requirement of MIMO deployment of tower space.
Any microwave spectrum will then be charged using the AIP method in place.
Reportedly, this technology allows the operators to reach ultra-high capacity at a quarter of the amount of spectrum otherwise required, thereby vastly reducing microwave spectrum availability barriers.
Janus AirDuplex addresses the challenge of an escalating need for Carrier Ethernet data throughput against the limited microwave spectrum available to operators.
Also, the all-outdoor FibeAir IP-20C extends the network to the far reaches of the state through ultra-high capacity wireless links using licensed microwave spectrum over difficult terrain.
Applying the same principle for a microwave spectrum, measurement of the incident, reflected and/or transmitted waves can provide detailed information about the properties of the material.
Electromagnetic radiation in the microwave spectrum causes polarized molecules in water to build up thermal energy due to dielectric heating.
Once the parade got closer to the press riser, cellular congestion rose, yet the AirCam Max continued to transmit by switching over to the licensed microwave spectrum. The seamless coverage, combined with ease of use, made this a home run.
Qian says that the 3G operators need to look into various ways to obtain sufficient IP bandwidth and microwave spectrum to provide quality data services for their subscribers.
Collectively these instruments constituted the deepest probes of the microwave spectrum to date, and by contrast with the large-scale experiments, the resolution of the RING5M instruments presented one of the first opportunities for probing microwave emission from specific galactic features.

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