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 (mī′krə-wāv′, -krō-)
Relating to or being electromagnetic radiation between radio waves and infrared waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, having frequencies between 300 megahertz and 300 gigahertz and wavelengths between 1 meter and 1 millimeter.
1. A wave of microwave radiation.
2. Informal A microwave oven.
tr.v. mi·cro·waved, mi·cro·wav·ing, mi·cro·waves
To cook or heat (food) in a microwave oven.

mi′cro·wav′a·ble, mi′cro·wave′a·ble adj.
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Electromagnetic radiation between radio and infrared wavelengths.
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* The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals by microwaves.
Panasonic is looking to target the high-end specialty gourmet retail channel, including Williams-Sonoma, for distribution, as opposed to mass merchants where microwaves are traditionally available, Soderberg said.
The American Cancer Society said that the radiation allowed by federal laws to leak from microwaves is below the level that could harm people.
It may seem unhygienic to put dirty clothes inside your microwave oven but killing germs is one thing that microwaves are good at.
Soviet Scientists found these waves which are turned out by microwaves decrease the ability of vitamins such as vitamins B complex, vitamins C and E, essential minerals and lipotropics.
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Onida gives consumers a wide range of solo, grill, convection and barbeque microwaves that make cooking fun and easier.
Sanderson cured composites with microwaves by heating a tool with microwaves rather than heating directly the composite with microwaves.
[USPRwire, Wed Mar 16 2016] Ovens with added microwave and steam functions increasingly threatened retail volume sales of microwaves in 2015.
Electrical and magnetic fields occur in microwaves in the form of electromagnetic energy [12].