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Noun1.mid-calf - the middle of the calf; half way between the knee and ankle
calf, sura - the muscular back part of the shank
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The wood was pretty open, and keeping along the lower spurs, I had soon turned the corner of that hill, and not long after waded to the mid-calf across the watercourse.
The noble class had certain dress codes, for example they wore short kits, and necklaces, while in the middle ages they upgraded to mid-calf kilts with large aprons and necklaces.
Slumdog Millionaire star Frida Pinto, 35, also went down the ladylike route, but her sleeveless mid-calf dress, also Dolce & Gabbana - worn with matching heels and red lipstick - was perfect for evening.
She had huge VMs in her left leg; they extended from her (left) buttock to the mid-calf region and had been present since birth (Figure 1A), diagnosed by MRI.
The Tod's Sella, a classic top handle, sports quilted patterns, and so do the Double T moccasins and knee-high riding boots and lace-up mid-calf hikers.
And she was dressed very modestly, in a black and navy top that was closed up to her neck, long sleeves and a navy-blue skirt that hit mid-calf.
For a touch of femininity, Michael also added longer fit-and-flare mid-calf length skirts and cropped high-waisted trousers.
It's true that I did dip my feet - just my feet - into the point where I believed the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea mingle at Kanyakumari; I paddled up to my ankles in the clear blue-green waters of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, the foaming South China Sea and the calm Pacific Ocean - but if the incoming waves splashed beyond mid-calf, I was out in a jiffy onto dry sand - even if all around me there were surfers, swimmers and even toddlers learning their first strokes.
The mid-calf hemline is very flattering, and the keyhole adds demure sex appeal.
PICK OF THE CROP NOT quite cropped trousers, but too long to be called shorts, mid-calf culottes are hard to categorise but supremely easy to wear, taking you from laid-back (with trainers and denim jacket) to luxe (add heels and a blazer) with ease.

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