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Noun1.mid-fifties - the time of life between 50 and 60mid-fifties - the time of life between 50 and 60  
time of life - a period of time during which a person is normally in a particular life state
adulthood, maturity - the period of time in your life after your physical growth has stopped and you are fully developed
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She was made between the early Thirties and the mid-Fifties and designed by a senior Doulton craftsman called Harradine.
Conductive Education is the name given to a programme, founded in the mid-fifties by Professor Peto in Hungary, which helps children who are differently abled to develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills, enabling them to live as independently as possible.
Between the mid-fifties and 1970, he wrote 14 novels or novellas and one short story, most of which were turned into movies or television shows, and were watched by millions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.
Karachi -- In mid-fifties that a Communist Soviet Union (Russian) delegate visited Pakistan.
Now approaching her mid-fifties, Abbie is accustomed to putting the needs of others before her own.
"I'm Tara." The woman who was introducing herself was in her mid-fifties; she had cropped white hair that spiked like crystals above a beaming face of dense Mediterranean tan.
ASAP Tax and Lien Search was founded in 1999 by Francine when she was in her mid-fifties. A trailblazer who continues to run the only woman-owned company in the industry in Florida, ASAP is one of the oldest and most respected companies that performs Tax and Lien Searches for Title Companies and Real Estate Attorneys.
A MARSKE nail technician who opened a salon in her mid-fifties says it's the "best thing" she could have done.
Whilst one victim sustained severe fractures in the waist bone, a woman in her mid-fifties lost all the flesh on her left shin bone.
But the original version was written and recorded by Screaming Jay Hawkins in the mid-Fifties. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1929 and served as (an underage) infantryman in World War Two and had some success as a middleweight boxer in Alaska, before finding his way into show business, first as a chauffeur, then pianist, then saxophonist, before his ultimate career as a totally over the top frontman, entertainer and singer.
The man in his mid-fifties was busted with a primary school teacher at a two-star hotel within Migori town last weekend.
A British Liver Trust spokeswoman said: "People are dying of liver damage younger, in some areas now dying in their mid-fifties."

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