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n. pl. mid·dies
1. Informal A midshipman.
2. A middy blouse.


n, pl -dies
1. (Military) informal See midshipman1
2. (Clothing & Fashion) See middy blouse
3. Austral a middle-sized glass of beer


(ˈmɪd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Informal. a midshipman.
[1825–35; mid (shipman) + -y2]
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Noun1.middy - blouse with a sailor collarmiddy - blouse with a sailor collar    
blouse - a top worn by women
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Cerys, who has lived in the house for 14 years with her husband, only had oneyear-old black cat Middies for "a month or so" before he was killed early last year.
When the news comes that Nate has been found alive, Middies world is upended again.
We had a lot of middies in the scorebook ,'' Leary said.
THE next time you visit Tirumala to have the special break darshan of Lord Venkateswara, ensure that you are not wearing Bermuda shorts, miniskirts, middies, sleeveless tops, lowwaist jeans or short T- shirts.
Most parishioners fall into three groups: traditionalists or conservatives (18 percent), progressive (24 percent) and middies or moderates (58 percent.
The XO had cleared our venture but with the provision that we show the middies some of the other aspects of Navy life.
She dressed her bridesmaids in 1970s 'happy' yellow middies.
THE thing about the Middies, for me, was that to ride on one was seen as a treat.
A success at Georgia Southern before he took over in Annapolis, Johnson has taken the Middies to four bowl games in his six seasons, and probably will this year, with a 5-4 record and North Texas, Northern Illinois and Army left on the schedule.
While he drives, the first two middies that arrive cut to the cage.
This is why we have to constantly fight the good fight against sagging middies.
426 CGIT middies, but only on loan in case there is a renaissance of interest .