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Adj.1.middle Atlantic - of a region of the United States generally including Delawaremiddle Atlantic - of a region of the United States generally including Delaware; Maryland; Virginia; and usually New York; Pennsylvania; New Jersey; "mid-Atlantic states"
eastern - of or characteristic of eastern regions of the United States; "the Eastern establishment"
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Competition is always keen in the Middle Atlantic Conference, where winners from 11 states and the District of Columbia vie for the award, the most prestigious in commercial real estate.
com editorial director Jay Coffin had tweeted a photograph of the Middle Atlantic Golf Association's letter alerting entrants to the rule.
Pacific Northwest, Pacific States, Great Lakes Region, Gulf States, South Atlantic States, and Middle Atlantic States
House prices in the Middle Atlantic division rose 1.
When Simon Kendall was applying to college four years ago, he looked for a small, liberal-arts school in the Middle Atlantic region, knowing that cost would be a factor in his decision.
Dunleary will be responsible for sales in nine states throughout its geographical area which covers the middle Atlantic and southeastern regions.
Don Griswold and Karen Syrylo of KPMG presented an update of recent cases and issues concentrating on middle Atlantic region states.
In general, the term "Middle Atlantic Bight" usually refers to an imprecise coastal area off the middle Atlantic states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, and the term "South Atlantic Bight" refers to the area off the southeastern states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida's east coast.
And the previous winter's calamities included a 13-state blizzard and flooding in the Middle Atlantic States, Northeast and Pacific Northwest.
Those findings report on forest decline in the Green Mountains of Vermont, dying dogwoods throughout the Middle Atlantic States, deadly effects of acid rain in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the impact of diseases and pests in the Sierra Nevada, and many other incidents of tree death.
has been awarded The Office Building of the Year (TOBY) Award from the Building Owners and Management Association (BOMA) Middle Atlantic Conference.
New Console Configurations from Middle Atlantic Products of Riverdale, New Jersey, allow installers to order a configured console system easily and quickly with a single part number.

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