middle cerebral vein

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Noun1.middle cerebral vein - either of two cerebral veinsmiddle cerebral vein - either of two cerebral veins  
cerebral vein, vena cerebri - any of several veins serving the cerebral hemispheres of the brain
deep middle cerebral vein - accompanies the middle cerebral artery deep in the Sylvian fissure; empties into the basal vein
superficial middle cerebral vein - a large vein along the line of the Sylvian fissure to the cavernous sinus
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Eponymously named after the French surgeon Charles Labbe, the vein of Labbe (inferior anastomotic vein) crosses the temporal lobe between the Sylvian fissure and the transverse sinus and connects the superficial middle cerebral vein and the transverse sinus.

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