middle lamella

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mid′dle lamel′la

the layer of cementing material composed of pectates and similar substances, between the walls of adjacent cells.
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in many regions evident of degradation of middle lamella is recognizable before complete degradation of ray cells bore holes appeared in the adjacent fiber cells The ray cells are penetrated by bore holes which fuse forming elongated cavities further gradually completely degrading the ray leaving behind a wide space.
The fruit softening, during the ripening, is frequently ascribed to enzymatic breakdown of middle lamella of the cell wall (AWAD, 1993; FISHER et al.
When produce is immersed in hot calcium chloride solution, calcium helps with cross-linking the pectin chains of the middle lamella of the cell, creating better cell-cell adhesion and firmer structure.
The lower eyelid consists of two lamellae separated by the orbital septum (some authors consider the septum as the middle lamella in a trilamellar system) (1,2).
In the surface layers of peracetic-acid-treated boards, all cell wall regions were delignified, with the middle lamella being the most severely affected.
In the epithelial colleter cells, the middle lamella of the anticlinal walls degrades; this allows cell separation and space formation (Fig.
When stained with Toluidine Blue O, tori stained a deep blue to purple, unlike the blue-green of the secondary wall of tracheary elements but similar to the color of the compound middle lamella (q.