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Adj.1.middle-level - intermediate in rank or positionmiddle-level - intermediate in rank or position; "middle-level management"
inferior - of or characteristic of low rank or importance
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Vince was a tireless advocate for young adolescents, the adults who teach in middle-level schools, and scholars who engage in research into the multifaceted phenomena that constitute the middle level.
Student motivation, a meaningful curriculum, and student choice also are important factors for engaging middle-level learners.
Middle-level managers' entrepreneurial behavior is linked to successful corporate entrepreneurship.
The "Association Staff Compensation and Benefits Study" includes 28 middle-level professional positions such as accountant, ad sales representative, compensation
The company said it tried to focus on the kind of community a middle-level manager would move to if he or she were transferred.
Our experience convinces us that sustainable middle-level school reform is achievable.
This report highlights the importance of addressing the unique set of needs of middle-level students.
My challenge is to put together a five-foot bookshelf of indispensable readings in middle-level education and reform.
The paper reports some of the preliminary findings and discusses how the findings may shape both the final phase of the study and future inquiry into the nature of principal leadership self-efficacy and the implementation of key reforms in middle-level schools.
This paper reports on a school district's efforts to work collaboratively with parents, teachers, principals, and community representatives as they confronted concerns about their middle-level program.