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Adj.1.middle-level - intermediate in rank or positionmiddle-level - intermediate in rank or position; "middle-level management"
inferior - of or characteristic of low rank or importance
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Summary: Srinagar (Jammu Kashmir), Aug 19 (ANI): The Jammu and Kashmir administration on Monday announced that middle-level schools across Kashmir Valley will open from Wednesday.
FILIPINO workers will soon be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to stay competitive against the challenges brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution as President Duterte approved a new comprehensive development plan for middle-level manpower.
The firm is believed to have cut about 150 jobs and the move has affected junior and middle-level staff at the firm.
Female students have for the first time overtaken their male counterparts in science courses after taking more slots in science fields in middle-level colleges.
The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, was created in 1995 to recognize the exemplary volunteer work of middle-level and high school students.
NET) can claim a monthly income of $ 3-3.5 thousand, the Middle-level earn $ 1.7 thousand.
25 madrasahs in the country are high-level and 22 are middle-level ones.
Senior Finance Ministry official said that the government is only focusing at the higher and the lower end of the pay scale, implying that middle-level employees will not see much of a raise under the Pay Commission's recommendation.
He said under the agreement, First Track Learning Centers (FTLC's) will be set up in the country for middle-level education.
While middle-level flood was expected in Indus River in the next two months.
Moreover, middle-level bank executives function as mediators between higher authority figures and employees thus, their role in an organization is more crucial.