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another word for midmost



1. being in or near the very middle; middlemost; middle.
2. most intimate or private; innermost.
3. in the midmost part; in the middle.
[1655–65; Middle English, Old English mid mest]
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Adj.1.middlemost - being in the exact middlemiddlemost - being in the exact middle    
central - in or near a center or constituting a center; the inner area; "a central position"
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To this end he went round the ships and tents carrying a great purple cloak, and took his stand by the huge black hull of Ulysses' ship, which was middlemost of all; it was from this place that his voice would carry farthest, on the one hand towards the tents of Ajax son of Telamon, and on the other towards those of Achilles--for these two heroes, well assured of their own strength, had valorously drawn up their ships at the two ends of the line.
His result showed that "the vox populi is correct to within 1 percent of the real value, and that the individual estimates are abnormally distributed in such a way that it is an equal chance whether one of these, selected at random, falls within or without the limits of -3.7 percent and +2.4 percent of their middlemost value.
He was married with two children and worked at Middlemost Bros in Birkby.
The middlemost choice on attitude items: Ambivalence, neutrality, or uncertainty?
Dados los valores expuestos en la TABLA 1, y comparando estos resultados con el diagrama de clasificacion geoquimica TAS de Middlemost (1994) (FIGURA 7), se clasifican quimicamente las rocas segun en cuatro grupos de rocas: las rocas del Batolito como gabros, las de los cuerpos irregulares como andesitas y dacitas, y las de los diques como basaltos andesiticos presentando grandes diferencias en contenidos de magnesio, cromo y niquel, diferencias extraidas de los valores mostrados en la TABLA 1.
Abbreviations: ant., anteriormost; cb., ceratobranchial; dent., dentary; mid., middlemost; pb., pharyngobranchial; post., posteriormost; premax., premaxilla; B, blind side; E, eye side; *--specimens from the Norwegian Sea Bones GIT GIT GIT GIT 584-89 B 584-89 E 584-122 B 584-122 E premax.
(Al2O3 + CaO + Na2O + K2O)/(Al2O3 + CaO + Na2O - K2O) diagram of Middlemost, 1994, (figure not shown).
It shows that, dose around spine cord is within the allowed range; the middlemost target region GTV1 is fully surrounded by 95% dose line; CTV1 is surrounded by 80% dose line, but certain margin exists.
But Jhansi, the middlemost polestar of India, is often bereft of even these basics.
Firstly, the nature of intermediate or acid magma for each sample was confirmed from the SINCLAS software [14,15], under the Middlemost [34] option for Fe-oxidation adjustment.
Trace element concentrations were determined by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) with an analytical precision <10% and accuracy typically better than 7% for most elements at the 95% confidence level, based on analysis of diverse GRM.CIPW norms were calculated on a100% anhydrous adjusted basis of major elements, with [Fe.sub.2][O.sub.3]/FeO ratios adjusted depending on the rock type (Middlemost, 1989).