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n. pl. mid·dies
1. Informal A midshipman.
2. A middy blouse.


n, pl -dies
1. (Military) informal See midshipman1
2. (Clothing & Fashion) See middy blouse
3. Austral a middle-sized glass of beer


(ˈmɪd i)

n., pl. -dies.
1. Informal. a midshipman.
[1825–35; mid (shipman) + -y2]
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Noun1.middy - blouse with a sailor collarmiddy - blouse with a sailor collar    
blouse - a top worn by women
References in classic literature ?
I give you my word that I lost my bearings more completely than ever since I strapped a middy's dirk to my belt.
Here's a grave I didn't see before -- this one in the iron railing -- oh, girls, look, see -- the stone says it's the grave of a middy who was killed in the fight between the Shannon and the Chesapeake.
However, he added, the jail inmates were provided food daily three times - morning, middy and evening meals - as per Pakistan Prison Rules.
AC Solar Warehouse and Middy's will be distributing the VARTA Storage products to certified installers.
Clairsville, OH, November 17, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Belmont County Tourism Council has been recognized for excellence in tourism advertising with two MIDDY Awards.
Norman, Tank, Middy, VV and all the other dogs wolfed it down, so it must be good."
He also leaves behind his special companion, Middy (his dog).Arthur was born in Worcester, the son of Arthur and Margaret (Bonoyer) Scanlon and graduated from North High School and attended Wentworth Institute in Boston.
Chris Kendall of Middy, finished runner-up with 159lb 8oz, while Pete Whale of the Oaks came third with 143lb 15oz.
The 'Twilight' star's "middy" made its first appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie 'On The Road' in November, peeking out from beneath her Balenciaga crop/wrap bustier top, the Telegraph reported.
She no doubt earned her seat (pardon the pun), after pouring that famous rear into a green Temperley gown for the evening do at her sister's nuptials, but P Middy really should have done the sit-down check on her skirt before leaving the house.
We made it safely to Unalakleet where Don's cousin Middy picked us up, fed us, gave us supplies, and drove us to high ground to check the ice.