The middle stage or level, as in a series, course of action, or career.
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However, in each asset class the representation of women falls as responsibilities increase, to 23% of midlevel staff and 10.
In 2009, Minnesota became the first state, outside of Alaska, to pass legislation allowing for the creation of a new midlevel provider.
Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar said the arrest of 'a midlevel player in illegal drugs distribution in the city' was a significant achievement for his men.
Because Equal Employment Opportunity regulations alone, while leveling the playing field, do not ensure women will move into leadership, Leadership of the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA) and I are committed to upholding EEO standards and promoting an environment where midlevel FSOs, many juggling work and family responsibilities, have the opportunity to take on leadership and prepare for Senior Foreign Service positions.
Some believe a potential solution to the lack of available dental health care is to train and license midlevel "dental therapists" to perform some preventive and routine care that currently is reserved for only dentists.
The plunging price of oil has created a dilemma for major energy companies as they cut costs and prepare for what experts say will be inevitable job reductions, with midlevel administrators considered far more vulnerable than engineers and other highly skilled workers.
Auto Business News-September 17, 2014--Honda adds new midlevel package to 2015 Civic range
This acquisition performance and the advanced analysis capabilities give designers the test capabilities they need for today's faster and more complex embedded systems at a midlevel price point.
A Maine LD 1230 Bill would provide for post graduate education for hygienists to become Midlevel Providers (MLP).
In his plain brilliance, Lincoln captures the interest of this study in general semantics--an attempt to identify and elaborate the notion of midlevel abstracting.
The Heat only have their mini midlevel exception, worth a little over $3 million, to offer Allen, while the Celtics can counter with a two-year, $12 million deal.
I am an advanced practice nurse and I have never done anything midlevel in my life, so I must assume you are not speaking of me or my colleagues.