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1. Amidships.
2. In the center position. Used of the helm.

[Probably short for amidships.]


adv, adj
(Nautical Terms) nautical See amidships



also a•mid′ship`,

1. in or toward the middle part of a ship or aircraft.
2. of, pertaining to, or located in the middle part of a ship or aircraft.
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Adv.1.midships - at or near or toward the center of a shipmidships - at or near or toward the center of a ship; "in the late 19th century, engines were placed in front, amidships, and at the rear"


[ˈmɪdʃɪps] ADVen medio del navío
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One of the hunters, a tall, loose-jointed chap named Henderson, was going aft at the time from the steerage (the name the hunters facetiously gave their midships sleeping quarters) to the cabin.
The midships engine, generally used as a reinforce, is not running; so the port and starboard turbine vacuum-chambers draw direct into the return-mains.
At his right hand is the midships engine lever ready to be thrown into gear at a moment's notice.
We are never without a corposant grinning on our bows or rolling head over heels from nose to midships, and to the crackle of electricity around and within us is added once or twice the rattle of hail--hail that will never fall on any sea.
"Nothing but the midship tanks, and they're none too tight.
Locsin reasoned out that if the Chinese vessel deliberately hit the Filipino fishing boat it would have been impacted in the midships.
Another, hit midships by a .280, staggered, fell and quickly died.
Heading towards midships you will reach the bridge superstructure, which makes a nice swim-through to the forward holds on the deck.
MIDSHIPS: Multicentre intervention designed for self-harm using interpersonal problem-solving: Protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility study.
Ceri Joseph, secretary of Porthcawl Museum on John Street in the town - which has just launched a new display on the SS Samtampa disaster and the loss of the Edward, Prince of Wales lifeboat - said the liberty ships were all given the designation SAM in their name as it stands for super structure aft of midships. She said three sections were welded together to create the vessels, a design feature which would later play a part in the disaster at Sker Point.
fashioned into ashtrays; the 25mm chain guns at midships that rattled