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GINI WIJNALDUM 6 A rare might-have-been game for the Dutchman this season.
Let me, in my Yoga Nidra state, pull back my consciousness from issues of what "might-have-been".
Hoyle lost her party's nomination to the office of secretary of state to Avakian last year, opening a vein of might-have-been speculation.
With the financial backing of her godfather, 5-Hour Energy drink magnate Manoj Bhargava, Rawat turned Fogelman's passion project, "Danny Collins," from a might-have-been into a bigscreen reality.
It may not look much on paper but how effectively it immediately suggests melancholy, regret, and a pensive look back on what might-have-been.
Pratchett's addition of a might-have-been China, an imperial ruler, and the deep knowledge of a martial artist cause a reader to pay closer attention to the story and how it unfolds.
Sir Paul spoke about the historic collaboration that might-have-been in a new interview with Q magazine.
Macbeth's numbed response to his wife's death"There would have been a time for such a word"gives us insight into how a conditional tense can turn a might-have-been into a cannot-any-longer-be.
Voyage, by Stephen Baxter (1996): An epic saga of America's might-have-been. If President John F.
And pulled from rails, the chance to wear their real lives for an hour over lunch, to re-dress the short term self in LBDs, their cloth re-cut and spot-lit in the cubicles of might-have-been, clean lines now, in dresses that fit them well.
It is sad because Kyrgyzstan is our close neighbor, and the last thing I would want now is Kyrgyzstan turning into a might-have-been state," the Russian leader said.Medvedev also said he believes Kyrgyzstan is on the verge of a civil war that could split the country into north and south."The risk of Kyrgyzstan splitting into two parts - north and south - really exists...
IF PERTEMPS Bees had a point for every might-have-been and should-have-been this season they would be top of National One.