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adj. might·i·er, might·i·est
1. Having or showing great power, skill, strength, or force: a mighty orator; a mighty blow.
2. Imposing or awesome in size, degree, or extent: a mighty stone fortress.
adv. Informal
To a great degree; extremely. Used as an intensive: mighty fine; mighty tired. See Note at powerful.

might′i·ness n.
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Noun1.mightiness - physical strengthmightiness - physical strength      
strength - the property of being physically or mentally strong; "fatigue sapped his strength"
قُوَّه، قُدْرَه
máttur, styrkur


[ˈmaɪtɪnɪs] N (= strength) → fuerza f; (= power) → poder m, poderío m


nMacht f; (of wave, shout, scream)Gewalt f; (of warrior, noise, cheer)Stärke f; (of ship, tree etc)gewaltige Ausmaße pl


(mait) noun
power or strength. The might of the opposing army was too great for us.
ˈmighty adjective
having great power. a mighty nation.
ˈmightily adverb
ˈmightiness noun
References in classic literature ?
His mightiness was sometimes very overwhelming; but even when you had to defy him openly, as on the banks of the Agulhas homeward bound from the East Indies, or on the outward passage round the Horn, he struck at you fairly his stinging blows (full in the face, too), and it was your business not to get too much staggered.
Yards, furlongs, miles arose; and on went old John in the pleasantest manner possible, trimming off an exuberance in this place, shearing away some liberty of speech or action in that, and conducting himself in his small way with as much high mightiness and majesty, as the most glorious tyrant that ever had his statue reared in the public ways, of ancient or of modern times.
Behind him again scrambled another creature, and of all the horrid horde it was this they most feared--Sheeta, the panther, with gleaming jaws agape and fiery eyes blazing at them in the mightiness of his hate and of his blood lust.
Many is the hour that I've passed, lying in the shades of the woods, or stretch'd upon the hills of these open fields, looking up into the blue skies, where I could fancy the Great One had taken his stand, and was solemnising on the waywardness of man and brute, below, as I myself had often look'd at the ants tumbling over each other in their eagerness, though in a way and a fashion more suited to His mightiness and power.
Be- hold, thou mayst glad thy heart an thou hast faith to believe the wonderful when that it cometh in unex- pected guise and maketh itself manifest in impossible places -- here standeth in the flesh his mightiness The Boss, and with thine own ears shall ye hear him speak
On no account will I allow it," said the curate; "your mightiness must remain on horseback, for it is on horseback you achieve the greatest deeds and adventures that have been beheld in our age; as for me, an unworthy priest, it will serve me well enough to mount on the haunches of one of the mules of these gentlefolk who accompany your worship, if they have no objection, and I will fancy I am mounted on the steed Pegasus, or on the zebra or charger that bore the famous Moor, Muzaraque, who to this day lies enchanted in the great hill of Zulema, a little distance from the great Complutum.
The port lifeboat was missing, its iron davits, twisted and wrenched, testifying to the mightiness of the blow that had been struck the old Tryapsic.
But the mightiness of the Federal Government has enfeebled the states and the local councils.
The detail throughout this entire release is beautiful, it's a carefully crafted single that has been so well captured that you can listen on repeat and not get tired of the unfolding mightiness and magic.
Enjoying the scrumptious Shinwari style tikka while soaking in the mightiness of the historic fortress silently telling its tales of imperial glory, the white barbecue smoke wafts up in the Peshawar night sky.
The attacks show that the alleged nexus targetting scribes adamant on digging out the truth has strengthened and the mightiness of pen is under the attack of sword.
The visitors' response of 243-8 would normally have been more than enough to win many matches, but the fact it earned them zero points proved the mightiness of the home effort.