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Contraction of might not.


contraction of
might not


(ˈmaɪt nt)
contraction of might not.
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We might be so much oftener together - mightn't we?
He hasn't had any too much time -- and besides he mightn't a got the letter at all, you know."
He mightn't ever see you -- and if he did, maybe he'd never think anything."
"Well," I said, half laughing, "there is the danger that, after all, we mightn't agree.
"Whether common ones as to callings and earnings," pursued Joe, reflectively, "mightn't be the better of continuing for a keep company with common ones, instead of going out to play with oncommon ones - which reminds me to hope that there were a flag, perhaps?"
'Perhaps he mightn't think it over venturesome of me to say--well then, to say this,' cried Kit with sudden boldness.
For if it occurred to me that I might occasionally excite suspicion by the little outbreaks of my sharper passion for them, so too I remember wondering if I mightn't see a queerness in the traceable increase of their own demonstrations.
I mean, if you talk, won't people notice that your voice is just like Jubiter's; and mightn't it make them think of the twin they reckoned was dead, but maybe after all was hid all this time under another name?"
A minister mightn't mind my red hair because he wouldn't be thinking of such worldly things.
If it hadn't a-bin for his eyes I mightn't a-known him, with his beard and fat.
'No; I thought of it as I came along; but didn't get one, thinking you mightn't be ready.
There are popular prejudices, you know, and he mightn't like it.