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Noun1.migration route - the geographic route along which birds customarily migratemigration route - the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate
itinerary, route, path - an established line of travel or access
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Site club's home Adamslie Park now sits derelict, it has been for four years, the social club has long since been migration route demolished.
The suffering of migrants on this migration route is enormous.
The Executive Director of the project Fayez bin Taleb Al-Ahmadi said that the sites allocated to receive arriving and departing pilgrims from and to Madinah are witnessing a large influx of pilgrims, where more than 50,000 meals were distributed during the first week of the Hajj season on the migration route linking Madinah and Makkah and at Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz International Airport, Yanbu Airport, Yanbu Seaport, pilgrims City in khaybar, Sasco Station and the yards of the Prophet's Holy Mosque.
Speaking during the 2nd meeting of the Interior Ministers of the Contact Group on The Mediterranean Migration Route, he pointed out that no country in the world can tackle on its own the illegal immigration phenomenon and its impacts, calling on European countries to contribute to the efforts made against the infiltration of individuals and illegal immigration through the implementation of social, economic and cultural integration programmes for the emigrants.
If the second half of this year continues as the first and urgent action is not taken, 2017 looks set to become the deadliest year for the deadliest migration route in the world," said Dalhuisen.
Some 2,300 people were picked up Thursday in the central Mediterranean Sea, according to the Italian coastguard, adding to the rescue tally from the world's busiest and most dangerous sea migration route.
Security forces routinely thwart similar attempts of unregistered immigration, arresting hundreds, who still cross illegally into Libya, which is considered a migration route to Europe via the Mediterranean.
It is now a key migration route since a deal curbed numbers sailing to Greece.
Middle Eastern refugees and economic migrants have not yet begun to switch their migration route from Greece to Italy, according to data from Italian authorities.
An area identified for the railway to transport potash from K & S Potash mine near Bethune caused concern for the Pasqua First Nation as it cut through natural prairie, which was also a migration route for First Nation , people from the Last Mountain Lake area.
A TURTLE dove's mysterious migration route between Britain and Africa has been mapped for the first time to try to save it from extinction.
At a finer spatial scale, the selection of stopover sites and residency at each site appeared to vary among satellite-tagged birds, but their migration route varied little across years.