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Noun1.migration route - the geographic route along which birds customarily migratemigration route - the geographic route along which birds customarily migrate
itinerary, route, path - an established line of travel or access
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The report - marked "restricted" and prepared by the Intelligence Directorate of the UK Border Agency just days ago - says: "Many Somalis attempt to prevent detection of asylum claims in other European countries and hide their irregular migration route by mutilating their fingertips..." Immigration Minister Phil Woolas last night refused to comment on the leaked report.
160 between Durango and Bayfield, a stretch of road identified by CDOT and wildlife officials as a major migration route.
Because some dens were surveyed in multiple years, we used a cross-sectional time-series regression (Stata, 2003) to determine which of the independent variables-distance from each den to the mean estimated caribou migration route for both northern and southern migrations, mean start date of northern and southern migration, or the human activity index for each den-most influenced the dependent variable of number of pups per den.
The lice-infested farms located in Canada's British Columbia province are situated along the migration route that newly hatched pink salmon take to reach the Pacific Ocean.
Soon after the Lake Qinghai episode, HPAI H5N1 virus was detected in wild birds in Mongolia, to the north of Lake Qinghai along the central migration route, and in an area where domestic poultry were scarce (11).
There will be daily updates on Skye's progress, who may have wandered far north of his usual mid-Atlantic migration route after losing one of his front flippers.
A team of scientists recently found that this bird has the longest migration route of any species in the animal kingdom.
The conference did have symbolic importance, however, as it was the first such high-level event involving the key countries of origin, transit and destination in the Africa-Europe migration route, with 57 states represented.
China yesterday said it had asked for outside help to test three possible cases of bird flu in humans, and reported that its latest outbreak among poultry lies along a migration route for wild birds.
Because I live in a migration route for the Canadian Goose I particularly enjoyed reading the section on Migration.
AS a result, virtually none of the surviving salmon now roaming the Pacific has experienced the migration route they must somehow intuit to return to their mountain birth-houses.