migratory cell

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mi·gra·to·ry cell

n. célula migratoria, célula que tiene locomoción.
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The UToledo scientists also revealed another crucial finding: The cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce the ability of migratory cells, such as cancer and immune cells, to travel.
Migratory cells were counted under a microscope (Olympus, Japan) in five randomly selected fields.
Representative photographs are presented (left; magnification, x200) and the relative number of migratory cells (right) was counted.
Recently, we have shown that TM4SF5 forms a protein complex with EGFR and integrin [alpha]5 at the leading membrane edges [6]; dynamic intra-TERM protein associations and translocations during cell migration depend on interactions mong TM4SF5, EGFR, and integrin [alpha]5 at the leading membrane edges of migratory cells to steer migration.
After transfection with miR-21 mimics, inhibitor, and scramble sequence for 24 h, 48 h, and 72 h, respectively, images of cellular morphology from different groups and migratory cells images from the scratched boundary were observed and acquired under the light microscope.