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n. pl. mi·la·dies
1. An English noblewoman or gentlewoman.
2. Used as a form of address for such a woman.
3. A chic or fashionable woman.

[French, from English, my lady.]


(mɪˈleɪdɪ) or


n, pl -dies
(formerly) a continental title used for an English gentlewoman


(mɪˈleɪ di)

n., pl. -dies.
1. an English noblewoman.
2. a woman of fashion.
[1830–40; < French < E my lady]
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Noun1.milady - an English noblewomanMilady - an English noblewoman    
noblewoman, peeress, Lady - a woman of the peerage in Britain


[mɪˈleɪdɪ] Nmiladi f


nMylady f, → gnädige Frau
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Madame might have reasons for not mentioning her name which Miladi might approve.
A low, grave voice from the inner room said, 'Come in.' The maid, opening the door, announced, 'A person to see you, Miladi, on business,' and immediately retired.
"Miladi has, I think, descended for dinner," she said.
"But, Miladi Carey," he said, "has left more than an hour ago."
"Miladi Carey left to catch the boat train at Calais for England."
If you could have seen the spite of a certain stupid Miladi Bareacres (whose eagle-beak and toque and feathers may be seen peering over the heads of all assemblies) when Madame, the Duchess of Angouleme, the august daughter and companion of kings, desired especially to be presented to Mrs.
Muscat: The number one seeded Saladmaster (Barangay Ginebra Oman) Team won the coveted FMB/FILCOSOC Basketball Championship Trophy by defeating the Ghafari/Al Miladi Team to a final score of 87-69 at the Oman Club Basketball Courts in Al Khuwair, closing out the best of three finals by winning two games out of three.
This figure was based on similar values being used in return to play decision-making with other common football-related musculoskeletal injury (Heiderscheit, Sherry, Silder, Chumanov, & Thelen, 2010; Kyritsis, Bahr, Landreau, Miladi, & Witvrouw, 2016; Mendiguchia & Brughelli, 2011; van der Horst, Backx, Goedhart, & Huisstede, 2017).
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Dr Noureddine Miladi, head of Mass Communication Department at QU, said, "The seminar tackled issues that have become our reality and we cannot ignore.
President of the Arab Network of Information and Communication Sciences Noureddine Miladi said the event is intended to create a new space for cooperation and sharing knowledge as well as innovative research projects.
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