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Variant of mileage.
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Noun1.milage - distance measured in milesmilage - distance measured in miles    
distance - the property created by the space between two objects or points
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It is not uncommon to see (usually high milage) commercial M14 barrels with loose guides.
"Now you have lads retiring at 28, 29, 30, and it's the milage and demands placed on the body.
In order to gain political milage, Modi was putting regional peace at stake, Qureshi remarked.
Civic involvement: Served on the School District U-46 Citizen's Advisory Council's Finance Committee for 3 years during which time we analyzed the need for and recommended to the Board of Education a bond issue to build new schools in U-46 to serve it's rapidly growing student population and an increase in operating milage to operate the schools.
Havas will form a team known as the "Well Milage," which will pull from across the agency's network in North America and will work with Rite Aid on a range of marketing services.
Filling up your tank halfway does in fact reduce your car's weight, therefore you get more milage, because you need less energy to move.
"I've been out running between Bridge of Allan and Dunblane and I've been upping my milage all the time."
Claire Prince Would be great if flights weren't more expensive even when factoring in milage and parking in Bristol Airport!
As one said, "I used to work as farm labour in my milage before I came to Sudan in 2013'
In the past, state owned commercial banks were compelled to participate in 'schemes aimed at attaining political milage'.