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 (mĭl′do͞o′, -dyo͞o′)
a. Any of various fungi or oomycetes that form a superficial, usually whitish growth on plants and various organic materials.
b. A plant disease caused by such organisms.
2. A superficial coating or discoloration of organic materials, such as cloth, paper, or leather, caused by fungi, especially under damp conditions.
tr. & intr.v. mil·dewed, mil·dew·ing, mil·dews
To affect or become affected with mildew.

[Middle English mildeu, from Old English mildēaw, honeydew, nectar; see melit- in Indo-European roots.]

mil′dew′y adj.


adjschimmelig, verschimmelt; plantsvon Mehltau befallen
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"Do it, please, by my receipt," said the princess; "put some paper over the jam, and moisten it with a little rum, and without even ice, it will never go mildewy."
The mildewy inside of the coach, with its damp and dirty straw, its disageeable smell, and its obscurity, was rather like a larger dog-kennel.
Near at hand you could fancy it the most melancholy sound in Nature, as if she meant by this to stereotype and make permanent in her choir the dying moans of a human being -- some poor weak relic of mortality who has left hope behind, and howls like an animal, yet with human sobs, on entering the dark valley, made more awful by a certain gurgling melodiousness -- I find myself beginning with the letters gl when I try to imitate it -- expressive of a mind which has reached the gelatinous, mildewy stage in the mortification of all healthy and courageous thought.
Here, the clothesman, the shoe-vamper, and the rag-merchant, display their goods, as sign-boards to the petty thief; here, stores of old iron and bones, and heaps of mildewy fragments of woollen-stuff and linen, rust and rot in the grimy cellars.
He presented, altogether, rather a mildewy appearance, and emitted a fragrant odour of full-flavoured Cubas.
She broke one, drinking its water, which was mildewy, and eating the last particle of the meat.
The air can be mildewy and it can be stale, and all of this wafts, along with the occasional whisper of hot trash, directly into the faces of tourists.
If that wasn't enough for BBC1's Welsh viewers another outsider called the country "a bit mildewy".
The sidewalks are lined with soggy sheetrock and mildewy cabinets that have been ripped from dozens of units.