miles gloriosus

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mi·les glo·ri·o·sus

 (mē′lās glôr′ē-ō′səs)
n. pl. mi·li·tes glo·ri·o·si (mē′lĭ-tās glôr′ē-ō′sē)
A bragging and often cowardly soldier, especially as a stock character in comedy.

[Latin mīles glōriōsus, after Mīles Glōriōsus, , a comedy by Plautus.]
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miles gloriosus

(ˈmiːleɪs ˌɡlɔːrɪˈəʊsʊs)
n, pl milites gloriosi (ˈmiːlɪˌteɪs ˌɡlɔːrɪˈəʊsaɪ)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a braggart soldier, esp as a stock figure in comedy
[from the title of a comedy by Plautus]
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Noun1.miles gloriosus - a braggart soldier (a stock figure in comedy)miles gloriosus - a braggart soldier (a stock figure in comedy)
egoist, egotist, swellhead - a conceited and self-centered person
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Shortly after the middle of the century, probably, the head-master of Westminister School, Nicholas Udall, took the further step of writing for his boys on the classical model an original farce-comedy, the amusing 'Ralph Roister Doister.' This play is so close a copy of Plautus' 'Miles Gloriosus' and Terence's 'Eunuchus' that there is little that is really English about it; a much larger element of local realism of the traditional English sort, in a classical framework, was presented in the coarse but really skillful
But Philia is the property of the flesh merchant Marcus Lycus (a smug Teddy Gales), and she has been purchased by the self-absorbed military captain Miles Gloriosus (Erik Dohner, a strong singer with a burly baritone).
Manternach has made solo appearances with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Chamber Symphony, and Sinfonia Salt Lake, among others, and his stage credits range from Eisenstein in Die Fledermaus to Miles Gloriosus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum to Belmonte in Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail (Sankt Anton, Austria).
Leicester Bradner, "The First Cambridge Production of Miles Gloriosus," Modern Language Notes 70, no.
Miles Gloriosus is a Roman Comedy, written by Plautus in the late 3rd century BC.
She analyzes how theatrical fools who question imposed social values in urban contexts (including the sayagues dialect of comic rustics, the miles gloriosus stock figure, and other examples from the period) form a base of comic drama upon which subsequent generations could build.
Dessen (1977, 145) examines the "morally ambiguous mood" of the Truculentus that "disturbed critics" with its "morally reprehensible courtesans." Fantham (2000) asks why the sexual morality in Truculentus should be considered any worse than that in Bacchides, Menaechmi, or Miles Gloriosus, but continues to highlight the difference between a "bad" meretrix like Phronesium and a "good" one like Thais in Eunuchus.
El capitulo 12 ("Jose Luis Alonso de Santos ante Plauto") esta dedicado a las adaptaciones de Plauto por parte de Alonso de Santos, cuya pericia en la adaptacion, reescritura o recreacion de clasicos destaca Romera Castillo (asi sucede con Miles Gloriosus, La dulce Casina y Anfitrion).
Die vier komedies in die bundel is Brigadier Bek (Miles Gloriosus [MG], 1984), Die Gebodder met die Broeders (Menaechmi [Men.], 1979), Die Spookhuis (Mostellaria [Most.], 1986) en Potparanoia (Aulularia [Aul.], 1991).
The trouble is, Philia has already been promised to the soon-arriving Miles Gloriosus (Tom Sandock), a Roman warrior with a severe case of narcissism easily rivaling that of "Beauty and the Beast's" Gaston.
Incluso se ha subrayado el comportamiento de ambos con las mujeres, que roza en lo "brutal" o "bestial," adjetivo este ultimo que corresponde perfectamente con el figuron dramatico, que seria herencia directa del miles gloriosus plautiano, del que tan cerca se encuentra tambien el cervantino Vicente de la Roca.