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1. Fighting or warring.
2. Having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause: a militant political activist.
A fighting, warring, or aggressive person or party.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin mīlitāns, mīlitant-, present participle of mīlitāre, to serve as a soldier; see militate.]

mil′i·tance, mil′i·tan·cy n.
mil′i·tant·ly adv.
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بصورةٍ مُقاتِلَه
af harîfylgni
militan gibi


[ˈmɪlɪtəntlɪ] ADV [react, behave] → de forma agresiva or combativa; [nationalist] → radicalmente
to be militantly opposed to sthoponerse radicalmente a algo
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adv (= fiercely)militant; the army is militantly nationalistdie Armee ist militant-nationalistisch
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(ˈmilitənt) adjective
wishing to take, or taking, strong or violent action. militant workers.
ˈmilitantly adverb
ˈmilitancy noun
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Will the "fever" of militantly anti-life legislation subside?
And Italians, like the French, can be almost militantly protective of their sacred cuisine.
Segregationists responded with outrage, suggesting that the bombing was instead part of a "conspiracy to bring national discredit upon the South at a time when it is fighting integration of its public schools." The president of the militantly right-wing Citizens Councils of America insisted to reporters that efforts to pin the blame on groups such as his were entirely unwarranted, for "we've got a hell of a lot of Jew members."
" During a 'bungkalan',"[f]armers militantly occupy idle lands and collectively cultivate these lands in order to make it productive," the group said.
Prevent allows schools, universities and other public entities to report concerns or suspicions they have about someone with potentially extreme right-wing or militantly Islamic views.
In the former, the deep state wants to ram in a radical Islamist government that wouldn't be wooed by New Delhi, and in the latter it wants to militantly take over what it believes is its right.
In recent years, the company haa militantly grown its building and technical trade, with the objective to grow sales and improve profitability especially in the stable and growing Northern European markets.
As I understood it, until recently he was a militantly anti-EU man.
For instance, state school teachers militantly defend their rights (privileges) even if these negatively affect the right of children to a decent education.
We all know that many NGOs here and in Indonesia helped and continue to militantly defend Mary Jane.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Everyone who is not "militantly" loyal to him claims that President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an is an authoritarian leader (admit because it's even those who don't hate him).
The BJP is militantly against scientific findings that contradict its fundamentalist orthodoxies.