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1. Fighting or warring.
2. Having a combative character; aggressive, especially in the service of a cause: a militant political activist.
A fighting, warring, or aggressive person or party.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin mīlitāns, mīlitant-, present participle of mīlitāre, to serve as a soldier; see militate.]

mil′i·tance, mil′i·tan·cy n.
mil′i·tant·ly adv.
بصورةٍ مُقاتِلَه
af harîfylgni
militan gibi


[ˈmɪlɪtəntlɪ] ADV [react, behave] → de forma agresiva or combativa; [nationalist] → radicalmente
to be militantly opposed to sthoponerse radicalmente a algo


adv (= fiercely)militant; the army is militantly nationalistdie Armee ist militant-nationalistisch


(ˈmilitənt) adjective
wishing to take, or taking, strong or violent action. militant workers.
ˈmilitantly adverb
ˈmilitancy noun
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In the former, the deep state wants to ram in a radical Islamist government that wouldn't be wooed by New Delhi, and in the latter it wants to militantly take over what it believes is its right.
In recent years, the company haa militantly grown its building and technical trade, with the objective to grow sales and improve profitability especially in the stable and growing Northern European markets.
As I understood it, until recently he was a militantly anti-EU man.
For instance, state school teachers militantly defend their rights (privileges) even if these negatively affect the right of children to a decent education.
We all know that many NGOs here and in Indonesia helped and continue to militantly defend Mary Jane.
The BJP is militantly against scientific findings that contradict its fundamentalist orthodoxies.
If we assume that those who argue that the AKP is not corrupt are actually those who militantly support the party, the ruling party's hardcore voter bank is 30-35 percent.
One of the UN's many instruments in this regard is the Declaration for the Universal Decriminalization of Homosexuality; however, the UN is militantly pressing this agenda in many of its forums and venues.
Ajami makes no pretense of objectivity in his narrative, presenting the situation in rather stark black and white terms, glossing over the militantly sectarian nature of the forces opposing the dictator while highlighting the sectarian nature of the dictatorship itself (and at times conflating the dictatorship with the Alawi sect in general), and quite plainly regretting that Western powers have not yet seen fit intervene in the same manner as they did in the case of Libya.
once A stuttering politician tries to introduce the "PDS Domicile Care Initiative" to Kieren's militantly anti-zombie village.
At a time when faithful believers of various confessions in the Judeo-Christian tradition are experiencing varying degrees of alienation in a society that seems to grow increasingly and more militantly secular with every week that passes, this issue of Modern Age features essays that highlight the relationship between conservatism and religion.
Away from the battleground, in cities and in educated circles, people were militantly opposed to drones and saw them as a neocolonial instrument.