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Adj.1.militarised - issued military armsmilitarised - issued military arms      
armed - (used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms; "armed robbery"
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In a series of tweets, Imran Khan slammed the Narendra Modi-led government for 'presence of extra troops' and a "12-day curfew" in an 'already heavily militarised occupied territory'.
'In IOK, 12 days of curfew, presence of extra troops in an already heavily militarised occupied territory, sending in of RSS goons, complete communication blackout; with the example of Modi's earlier ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat,' he wrote on his Twitter handle.
In a series of tweets, PM outlined the current deteriorating situation in IOK by mentioning: 12 days of curfew, presence of extra troops in an already heavily militarised occupied territory and also warned the international community of the repercussions and reactions in the Muslim world, 'setting off radicalisation and cycles of violence.'
RAWALPINDI -- The Pakistan Army killed at least three Indian soldiers and destroyed several check-posts after Indian security forces resorted to unprovoked firing and targeted civilian population along the heavily militarised Line of Control on Tuesday, the ISPR said.
'You are well aware of the human rights violations in IOK how it has been turned into the world's most militarised zone, and how there is an excessive use of state power there.
No wonder the process has become militarised, with armed thugs engaging security forces, who in turn are rarely able to be as fair and professional as they claim to be.
They become particularly worse in Pakistan's context: on top of routine urban crime, we have been at war for years, against known and unknown elements that have repeatedly attacked us with extremely sophisticated and militarised weapons.
Lawana Khetar is barely a kilometre away from the heavily militarised LoC.
Militarised Responses to Transnational Organised Crime: The War on Crime
The letter called upon the Commonwealth member countries to take note of the fact that Jammu and Kashmir is the most heavily militarised region in the world, mainly due to the fact that India alone has deployed 700,000 troops there and these troops have killed over 100,000 people in occupied Kashmir during the past around 30 years.
The heavily militarised LoC has recently been witnessing sporadic skirmishes and artillery duels.
On 29 August, 2016, Israeli forces at Salaymeh checkpoint, in occupied Hebronfired rounds of tear gas as school-children attempted to make their way home through the heavily militarised checkpoint.