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Noun1.military advisor - a military officer who serves as an adviser to the troops of an allied nationmilitary advisor - a military officer who serves as an adviser to the troops of an allied nation
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
adviser, advisor, consultant - an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
military officer, officer - any person in the armed services who holds a position of authority or command; "an officer is responsible for the lives of his men"
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The military advisor said during a meeting with Dika "The meetings are continuing with the leaders of the international coalition forces to discuss what is happening now on the Iraqi-Syrian border, as well as the operations of the Iraqi armed forces in Western Sahara and how they are supported by the coalition forces to hunt down the Daesh terrorist organizations,".
He had a sense of purpose and mission in the establishment of the Israel Defense Forces, he taught us how to act as an army in our early days, and was one of Ben-Gurion's greatest military advisors. There is no one who better illustrates the bond between Israel and the United States." Col.
Med shot, military advisor standing onboard the ship waiting for the boat
Perhaps the greatest praise for In the Gray Area comes from my recommendation that any Air Force or other military member preparing to deploy as a military advisor should read it.
Military Advisor Major-General Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa presented the organising committees with commemorative gifts before touring the traditional suq.
military advisors. Still, the pace of pacification was slow.
Tymchuk is that interface and his position as military advisor holds the same status as that of a military observer.
Sinyutin, is the chief editor of Military Knowledge and he bemoans the fact that many Soviet military men like Kutyntsev, who excelled in their role of military advisor in such places as the Middle East, China, Korea, Vietnam and Syria, have not in the past and are not now receiving the praise and acclaim that they deserve.
The meeting was attended by Chief of Staff Major General Shaikh Daij bin Salman Al Khalifa, Inspector General Major General Abdullah Hassan Al Nuaimi, General Command Court Director Major General Yussef Ahmed Al Jalahma, Military Advisor Major General Shaikh Abdulaziz bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Military Advisor and Acting Defence Ministry Undersecretary Brigadier Shaikh Salman bin Khalid Al Khalifa and Military Public Prosecutor Colonel Dr.
Yet, once Bush decided to fight, it was Powell's job as chairman (the principal military advisor to the president) to carry out the wishes of his civilian boss.
Mohammad Al-Khuder on Tuesday with UK military advisor for Middle East Gen.

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