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Noun1.military control - the control of a country by military forces of a foreign powermilitary control - the control of a country by military forces of a foreign power
social control - control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
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Apropos to the deteriorating situation in India-occupied Kashmir, the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is currently a prison and under military control. Four prominent Indian civil society activists, who visited the Kashmir Valley for five days between 9th to 13th August, on their return to New Delhi while addressing a press conference said that the Indian authorities had converted the Valley into a big prison.
He said India's crackdown on the disputed region of Kashmir, on Pakistan's eastern border with India could not have come at a worse time because Pakistan was seeking to strengthen military control along the western border with Afghanistan as part of efforts to help end the Afghanistan conflict.
Know gun control, know military control, then know no freedoms.
Rateb al-Jabour, coordinator of the popular committee against the separation wall and settlements, told WAFA Israeli forces stopped the construction work on a car wash belonging to a Palestinian resident who was identified as 'Issa Abu 'Eram, under the pretext that the area is classified as Area C, under full Israeli administrative and military control.
In October, Duterte transferred Customs chief Isidro Lapentildea to head the Technical Education and Skills Development Authorityand placed the entire agency under "military control" after the bureau became embroiled in controversy over the alleged smuggling of P11 billion worth of methamphetamine hydrochloride (shabu).READ: Duterte places customs under military control hDeath penalty for corrupt politicians
'The real issue may not be corruption but Duterte trying to put OPAPP (Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process) under military control, occupation, and corruption,' he said in an online interview from his base in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
To be noted, Palestinian schools in the Southern part of Hebron, which is located in Area C of the West Bank, under complete Israeli civil and military control, are constantly subjected to systematic attacks by the Israeli army.
Sanaa Syrian official agency cited a military source saying that the army units had made significant progress in Tallul al-Safa and imposed military control over the remaining areas of the Da'ash area after controlling the hills, pointing out that the army units killed during their operations on large numbers of those elements and continue to purge the liberated areas.
Masafer Yatta is classified as Area C, which is under full Israeli military control and makes up around 60 percent of the area of the occupied West Bank.
A few vaguely alleged instances of burning hazardous material, despite the military's prohibition against it, do not constitute the type of systematic failure and lack of command presence that has led this court not to find military control in other cases.<br />Accordingly, KBR's decisions pertaining to waste management and water services were de facto military decisions that are not reviewable by this court.
C areas in fall under Israeli civil and military control, and make up over 70% of the West Bank.

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