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Noun1.military junta - a group of military officers who rule a country after seizing powermilitary junta - a group of military officers who rule a country after seizing power
clique, coterie, ingroup, inner circle, camp, pack - an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
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The Secretary-General of the Sudanese Consumers Protection Society (SCPS), Yasir Mirghani, told Sudan Tribune Tuesday that the Ministry of Justice representing the ruling military junta has withdrawn an appeal against a court decision to restore internet services in Sudan.
Sirens sounded around the island at 8.20 on Monday morning to mark 45 years since the coup by the Greek military junta then ruling Greece, that toppled Cyprus President Archbishop Makarios III, subsequently leading to the invasion.
Frustrated with rampant corruption in government, President Duterte is raring to go back home to Davao City if he will be replaced by a military junta.
assistant secretary for Africa, will travel to Sudan to mediate between the ruthless military junta and the civilian opposition, contravening all of America's values that pertain to human rights and power of the people.
"BJP's victory is the victory of the democratic people of India as the country does not allow or accept any influence of the influential military junta or the feuds but always listens to the mandate of the people and provides equal opportunities for all," he added.
THE leader of a popular new Thai political party which came third in last month's elections has denied criminal charges of sedition filed against him by the ruling military junta and expressed concern that he will be tried in a military court.
Initial results of Thailand's first general election since 2011, which pits military junta chief Prayuth Chan-ocha against a democratic front led by the Pheu Thai Party, loyal to exiled former leader Thaksin Shinawatra, are expected at around 8:00 pm, with official results due on May 9, according to the Election Commission.
Thousands of Greek citizens marched across the center of Athens on Saturday to mark the 45th anniversary of the uprising that led to the restoration of democracy in the country after the military junta of 1967-1974,Xinhuareported.
Malacanang on Friday defended President Rodrigo Duterte's decision to appoint retired military and police generals in the government, saying this did not translate to a military junta in the bureaucracy.
At a Go Negosyo event earlier this week, Duterte said he was thinking of resigning out of exhaustion, but made it clear he didn't want an 'incompetent' Vice President Leni Robredo to take his place and that he would rather have a military junta succeed him.
Huntley was serving as the chaplain at a Christian hospital in Gwangju when Army Major General Chun Doo-hwan's military junta brutally suppressed the uprising.
The military Junta in West Pakistan was finally convinced that Bengal is ungovernable and it had to secede.

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