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This section would remove the inconsistencies by defining a military technician (dual status) as a federal civilian employee who is hired .
USARC should fund and incorporate medical equipment concentration sites with full-time nondeployable civilian contract personnel, who are supported by AGR, military technician, and TPU medical logistics personnel.
76) This means that Title 32 AGRs and dual status military technicians are allowed to perform duty via telework while drilling National Guardsmen are not.
When the plane safely landed in Geneva at 6:02 am (05:02 GMT), Swiss military technicians had not even started to warm up the engines of the country's F-18s and F-5 Tigers fighter jets.
The programme is aimed at military technicians for service department jobs at United States dealerships.
A number of Bahraini military technicians who participated in the drill said that it was a great opportunity for the BRAF personnel to be familiarized with the latest technology in this field and benefited from the participant's experiences.
Also, the law defines the authority of the Army and Air Force secretaries to retain military technicians to age 60.
eIuUbaidy received Voznica today and discussed together ways of providing training for military technicians and supplying the Iraqi army with advanced equipment,eIN according to a statement issued by the Defense Ministry and received by Aswat al-Iraq.
Military technicians yesterday urged the country to remember the key role of their illustrious predecessors in using science to secure success during the D-Day offensive.
On that day, the United States had sent up a scientific missile over Norway, but Russian military technicians at a radar station thought it was the beginning of an all-out attack.
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