military-industrial complex

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mil·i·tar·y-in·dus·tri·al complex

The aggregate of a nation's armed forces and the industries that supply their equipment, materials, and armaments.
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military-industrial complex

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in the US) the combined interests of the military establishment and industries involved in producing military material considered as exerting influence on US foreign and economic policy
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mil′itary-indus′trial com′plex

a nation's armed forces together with the industries that supply them.
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Noun1.military-industrial complex - a country's military establishment and the industries that produce arms and other military equipmentmilitary-industrial complex - a country's military establishment and the industries that produce arms and other military equipment; "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex"--Dwight David Eisenhower
vested interest - groups that seek to control a social system or activity from which they derive private benefit
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But then an empire always needs a good enemy to keep the people distracted from the military-industrial complex and its influence in most aspects of domestic living.
Keeping Kintex and VMZ-Sopot in state ownership would contribute to the process of stabilisation and expansion of both companies and the military-industrial complex, the government added.
The institute has also promoted a master's degree in business management adapted specifically for Rafael managers, further strengthening the relationship between academia and Israel's military-industrial complex. [7] Just as other Israeli universities, Technion rewards its students completing their compulsory military service.
The topics include whether Tony Stark was a disable Vietnam veteran, Iron Man and the military-industrial complex, escapist heroism and the challenges of modernity in the late 1970s, from armor wars to Iron Man 2.0: the superhero entrepreneur, and Tony Stark as villain of Marvel's Civil War.
As one scholar of national security affairs has noted, if a nation "had to choose a 'military-industrial complex' that has stood above all others since the early 1940s, and continues to do so today, the American military-industrial complex would surely be the one most people and nations would choose."
Through 1967 and 1968, King deliberately focused his force of conscience on the military-industrial complex and the study of war because he believed it was the key impediment to achieving opportunity and justice for all Americans.
GEOFFREY Bulmer (The Gazette letters 26.09.14) that by authorising the bombing of ISIL forces in Syria and Iraq US President Obama "is acting as front man for the military-industrial complex who are motivated by their own vested interests".
Torpedo: Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and Great Britain by Katherine C.
Whatever happened in Iraq and Afghanistan is a testimony to the role of the military-industrial complex and western oil companies.
As the subtitle of Torpedo indicates, Epstein desires to use the weapon system and its technological and manufacturing advances to show how the torpedo industry was instrumental in creating the early foundations of the modern-day military-industrial complex in both the United States and Great Britain.
President Eisenhower warned against the dangers of the military-industrial complex, and today it is the dangers of the medical-industrial complex.
If Israel and its advocates comprise the titular gorilla, then the elephant in that same room is, as I have long asserted, the military-industrial complex fixated on preserving American access to Arab oil and gas, while lining the pockets of the U.S.

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