militate against

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mil´i`tate a`gainst´

v. t.1.To argue against; to cast doubt on; - used in reference to facts which tend to disprove a hypothesis; as, the absence of a correlation of budget deficits with inflation militates against any causal relation between the two. Opposite of support.
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Referring the examination of the principle itself to another place, as has been already mentioned, it will be sufficient to remark here that, in the sense of the author who has been most emphatically quoted upon the occasion, it would only dictate a reduction of the SIZE of the more considerable MEMBERS of the Union, but would not militate against their being all comprehended in one confederate government.
In every other spot the fire must necessarily be oblique, which would seriously militate against the success of the experiment.
For if it happened that an individual, even when asleep, had some very distinct idea, as, for example, if a geometer should discover some new demonstration, the circumstance of his being asleep would not militate against its truth; and as for the most ordinary error of our dreams, which consists in their representing to us various objects in the same way as our external senses, this is not prejudicial, since it leads us very properly to suspect the truth of the ideas of sense; for we are not infrequently deceived in the same manner when awake; as when persons in the jaundice see all objects yellow, or when the stars or bodies at a great distance appear to us much smaller than they are.
I told him he might have a dozen if he wished, but that it would not be wise to have more than one solicitor engaged in one transaction, as only one could act at a time, and that to change would be certain to militate against his interest.
The wily Malay had long refrained from pillaging the Ithaca for fear such an act might militate against the larger villainy he purposed perpetrating against her white owner, but when he rounded the point and came in sight of the stranded wreck he put all such thoughts from him and made straight for the helpless hulk to glean whatever of salvage might yet remain within her battered hull.
WATCHING the amazing scenes at the Calais end of the Channel tunnel, I think back to those people who argued against its construction on the grounds that this would militate against our national security and that Great Britain's days of "splendid isolation" would be over.
Even good quality childcare will not alone militate against the effects of deprivation and disadvantage; early intervention working with parents, as well as children, will have the best long-term outcomes.
American Soft power and assistance programs can do much to militate against a situation in which Tehran's ability to threaten the region with a nuclear holocaust is degraded but its other extremist behavior increases," said Prince.
However, a number of challenges militate against grid-connected solar-energy- sources electricity supply.
Enlarging wards and reducing democratic representation will militate against good local delivery of bilingual services in a rural area.
But insecurity tended to militate against the success of their plans, he acknowledged.
Screen-projected swirling visuals - including a wannabe Munch Scream - become an irritating distraction, and the well-produced programmebooklet has pictures and notes which militate against our concentration.