milk can

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Milk can

A sturdy galvanized steel can with a tight-fitting lid. Such cans were used for storing milk and cream and for shipping them by train. Because of the latter use, they were sometimes called railway milk cans. Five gallon and ten gallon sizes were common.
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Noun1.Milk can - large can for transporting milkmilk can - large can for transporting milk  
can, tin can, tin - airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc.
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Beside him, an unrolled bundle showed itself as consisting of a ragged overcoat and containing an empty and smoke-blackened tomato can, an empty and battered condensed milk can, some dog-meat partly wrapped in brown paper and evidently begged from some butcher-shop, a carrot that had been run over in the street by a wagon-wheel, three greenish- cankered and decayed potatoes, and a sugar-bun with a mouthful bitten from it and rescued from the gutter, as was made patent by the gutter-filth that still encrusted it.
In the condensed milk can he mixed one part of water with two parts of fluid from the bottle.
He kissed his hand to her, sipped from his condensed milk can a man-size drink of druggist's alcohol, and to her again kissed her hand.
He completed the sentence and the tale by burying his face in the down-tilted mouth of the condensed milk can and by gurgling the corrosive drink down his throat in thirsty gulps.
Whiskers paused, placed carefully on the ground his half-full condensed milk can with which he had been absently toying, and kissed the fingers of his one hand audibly aloft.
There was scarcely time for more than a few hurried words before the train moved out from the queer little station, and with his head out of the window, Aynesworth waved his hand to the black-frocked child with her pale, eager face already stained with tears--a lone, strange little figure, full of a sort of plaintive grace as she stood there, against a background of milk cans, waving a crumpled handkerchief!
These he served by the simple operation of moving the little milk cans outside people's doors to the doors of his own customers.
And that is just the first interesting tidbit found in Milk Cans: A Celebration of their History, Use, and Design, by Ian Spellerberg.
They sell to us in 50-litre milk cans that goes for Sh6,000.
Don was a longtime milk hauler, first hauling milk cans for Hank Rohrson and later Country Delight out of Hampshire.
Under this code name, they created a cache designed to document the horrors of the Holocaust but also Jewish life and culture before the war, and hid it all in tin boxes and milk cans.