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Noun1.milk wagon - wagon for delivering milkmilk wagon - wagon for delivering milk    
waggon, wagon - any of various kinds of wheeled vehicles drawn by an animal or a tractor
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Additionally, the Court addressed the constitutionality of court-imposed buffer zones in Milk Wagon Drivers Union of Chicago, Local 153 v.
Bikel gives us as dignified, as virtually heroic a Tevye as I have ever seen, a Father Courage with a heart that helps him tug his milk wagon through a circular journey that is all the more triumphant for its endlessness.
When Edward Hines observed a milk wagon leaving a white trail on a dusty road, the Wayne County Road Commission member was inspired to design the highway centerline to better separate traffic moving in opposite directions.
In the mornings the milk wagon had clattered down the lane with its empty churns.
The Milk Wagon had a naked cow with teats that put all females to shame as to size.
55am, after the milk wagon had rolled over several times.
The mobile lunch wagon, which he had converted from an old milk wagon, served hamburgers and coffee outside factories, sporting events and other venues.
I think my father's father found work driving a milk wagon in the early 1930s.
He saw the driver of a horse-drawn milk wagon who "had wrapped his arms around the horse's neck, and was crying as if his heart would break.
The son of Swedish immigrants, Sandburg attended public schools until he was thirteen and then went to work in his hometown, Galesburg, Illinois, and in the West: driver of a milk wagon, porter in a barber shop, scene shifter in a theater, worker in a brick kiln, carpenter's assistant, dishwasher, house painter, etc.
Some owners, eager to see their silks in the Derby, and to flourish an owner's badge entitling them to a box seat, would nominate a horse better qualified to pull a milk wagon.