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The average milk yield per cow of dairy herd in agricultural organizations (excluding microenterprises) increased by 6.
2009) reported that while the cows with higher electrical conductivity at the beginning of milking had less somatic cell counts, cows with higher electrical conductivity after the peak of milk yield had more somatic cell counts in milk.
Even in her dry months of lactation, her milk yield never went down to 10 liters daily.
In many countries, 305-day milk yield is a basis for evaluating the breeding value of dairy cows.
All the reductions in milk yield were statistically significant by using mixed effect ANOVA and Tukey's multiple comparison method.
In this context, the present study aimed to evaluate milk yield, milk composition, and blood metabolic profile of Holstein cows at different calving orders and lactation stages.
The higher milk yield and fat content is direct benefit to farmers (Parnerkar et al.
Generally, milk yield in cows increases until first 45-90 days after parturition, gets stable for a few weeks and declines thereafter until the end of lactation.
Crossbreeding work was started in India as early as 1875 by the British, near Patna using Shorthorn bull on local cows and the "Taylor" breed of various colours cattle was formed with an average milk yield of 5-6 litres/day.
The data about some performance traits including (BW) birth weight, (MY) milk yield and (LL) lactation length was collected for the period of 2004 to 2013.
Persistent poverty, low milk yield, bad animal health, slow and healthy expansion in population, all are placed at the doors of bad animal diet.