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n. pl. milkfish or milk·fish·es
A large silvery fish (Chanos chanos) of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, widely used for food.

[From its color.]


n, pl -fish or -fishes
(Animals) a large silvery tropical clupeoid food and game fish, Chanos chanos: family Chanidae



n., pl. -fish•es, (esp. collectively) -fish.
a tropical Pacific silvery food fish, Chanos chanos.
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This is where we will bring key suppliers to make it easier for buyers to source in one pavilion the best fish and marine products, such as tuna, milkfish, prawns, tilapia and other seafood from the Philippines,' Terrado said.
In Navotas, Erminda Lumida, 60, and Sharon Ancheta, 45, were arrested after they were caught buying milkfish or
The result is flavorful flaky fillets of milkfish meat in a savory sauce cut by the acidic yet fruity flavor of the balsamic vinegar.
Based on species, market is categorized into carps, mollusks, crustaceans and diadromous, mackerel, milkfish, salmon, sea bass, trout, sea bream, and other species.
Species of Tilapia and Milkfish (Chanos chanos) are threatened since they require warmer environment to grow and spawn.
The products of the companies comprising the delegation include 03 SPA massager, ozone purifier, air purifier and energy saving device; stretch tension exerciser, shoe helper aid, sock aid, and smart cool car seat cushion; digital signage player, server, and software;car video camera and MP3 players; LED lighting fixture, blower and spot cooler; immersion water heater, room heater and power strip; shaping undergarments, stocks gloves and hats; tilapia fish, milkfish and catfish; light guild plate and LED panel light; medical disposable products and raw materials; blind parts and fabrics; building materials and flooring; busbar pan assembly units and components; metal seat ball valves, floating soft and cryogenic ball valves; among others.
Milkfish was chosen because it is cultivated widely in Asian countries and has good prospects as an ideal fish for farming in Indian coastal waters.
At Atlantis however, the resident catfish is well fed on a diet of carp, koi, milkfish, squid and shrimp and can grow up to 6 foot or 2 metres in length and over 150lbs or 200kgs.
For the main course, we tried the Sinalab, a special Visayan (central Philippines) dish made of a healthy mix of slow-cooked seafood (deboned milkfish, shrimps, shellfish, clams, crabs) and meat grilled to perfection, along with rice served in earthenware.
Alix: I wanted to shoot with a milkfish, but it was very difficult to bring a milkfish to the shoot.
Zheng disclosed that he will visit Taiwan next week to sign a contract with fishermen in southern Taiwan to purchase the famous milkfish.
Fish caging, milkfish culture, seaweed culture, giant clam culture, and grouper culture were perceived by the community as male-oriented livelihood projects because the work involved is said to require "masculine" skills.