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adj. milk·i·er, milk·i·est
1. Resembling milk in color or consistency: milky glass.
2. Filled with, consisting of, or yielding milk or a fluid resembling milk: a milky kernel of corn.
3. Meek; timid.

milk′i·ness n.
e-î sem líkist mjólk
süt gibi olmasütlülük


nMilchigkeit f


(milk) noun
a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their young. The commonest source of milk is the cow.
to obtain milk from. The farmer milks his cows each day.
ˈmilky adjective
1. containing milk. milky coffee.
2. like milk in appearance. A milky substance.
ˈmilkiness noun
ˈmilkmaid noun
formerly, a woman employed to milk cows by hand.
ˈmilkman noun
a man who delivers milk.
ˈmilkshake noun
a drink made by shaking up milk and a particular flavouring. I'd like a chocolate/strawberry milkshake.
milk tooth
one of the first set of a baby's teeth. The child's milk teeth started to come out when he was six years old.
the Milky Way (also the Galaxy)
a huge collection of stars stretching across the sky.
References in classic literature ?
The sky was high and cloudless, turquoise-blue, shading off into milkiness on the far horizons.
Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness.
50 There are those who love the creamy, milkiness of Lindt and those who snub it, but frankly, snooks to you, snubbers - all the more for us, we say.
35) When we realize that human breast milk was recom mended for consumption by adults as well as children in Shakespeare's time, references to milk and milkiness in the plays begin to make more sense.
Polypropylene has a natural milkiness, so our new clarifying agent provides much higher levels of clarity and masks that yellowness," says Heather Newland, marketing manager for Milliken.