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A man who sells or delivers milk to customers.


n, pl -men
1. a man who delivers or sells milk
2. (Agriculture) a man who milks cows; dairyman



n., pl. -men.
a person who sells or delivers milk.
usage: See -man.
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Noun1.milkman - someone who delivers milkmilkman - someone who delivers milk    
delivery boy, deliveryman, deliverer - someone employed to make deliveries
بائِع الحَليب او مُوِّزع الحَليب


[ˈmɪlkmən] N (milkmen (pl)) → lechero m, repartidor m de leche


[ˈmɪlkmən] n
He's a milkman → Il livre le lait à domicile.milk powder nlait m en poudremilk round n (British)
(= delivery route) → tournée f (du laitier)
(UNIVERSITY) the milk round tournée de recrutement par les entreprises dans les universités


[ˈmɪlkmən] n (-men (pl)) → lattaio


(milk) noun
a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their young. The commonest source of milk is the cow.
to obtain milk from. The farmer milks his cows each day.
ˈmilky adjective
1. containing milk. milky coffee.
2. like milk in appearance. A milky substance.
ˈmilkiness noun
ˈmilkmaid noun
formerly, a woman employed to milk cows by hand.
ˈmilkman noun
a man who delivers milk.
ˈmilkshake noun
a drink made by shaking up milk and a particular flavouring. I'd like a chocolate/strawberry milkshake.
milk tooth
one of the first set of a baby's teeth. The child's milk teeth started to come out when he was six years old.
the Milky Way (also the Galaxy)
a huge collection of stars stretching across the sky.
References in classic literature ?
When Lady Russell not long afterwards, was entering Bath on a wet afternoon, and driving through the long course of streets from the Old Bridge to Camden Place, amidst the dash of other carriages, the heavy rumble of carts and drays, the bawling of newspapermen, muffin-men and milkmen, and the ceaseless clink of pattens, she made no complaint.
The large men in white waistcoats who waited at Scape's dinners, greengrocers, bank-porters, and milkmen in their private capacity, left their addresses and ingratiated themselves with the butler.
The wonder was, at first, to see a tradesman's window open, but it was a rare thing soon to see one closed; then, smoke rose slowly from the chimneys, and sashes were thrown up to let in air, and doors were opened, and servant girls, looking lazily in all directions but their brooms, scattered brown clouds of dust into the eyes of shrinking passengers, or listened disconsolately to milkmen who spoke of country fairs, and told of waggons in the mews, with awnings and all things complete, and gallant swains to boot, which another hour would see upon their journey.
One of its milkmen, Keith Adams, 53, said: "With programmes like Blue Planet, people are thinking more about recycling.
Milkmen and doorstep deliveries are for many one of the most iconic memories of childhood.
According to the report of a survey conducted by this correspondent, milkmen in addition to water, also add some chemicals to milk so as to thicken it.
The test confirmed adulteration in the milk of 14 milkmen and the team of the district administration arrested them.
QUETTA -- The district managed conducted raids at several dairy farms in the provincial capital, here on Saturday and arrested 31 milkmen for using banned injection to cattle which was dangerous for human health.
He collects his 60 gallons of milk from a dairy farmer in Shelley, along with around another 30 local milkmen, who aim to have it to customers in the shortest possible time and fresher than the supermarkets.
I had a few relationships during my lifetime but never with a customer," laughed Alan, quashing the myth of milkmen having affairs on their rounds.
When rock 'n' rollers the Milkmen played Eugene and Springfield in the early 1980s, they were one of the best-known bar bands in the area.
Spice jars, PS6, BHS Little pots with French flair | Spice jars, PS6, BHS Little pots with French flair | Cook's Collection spice rack, PS15, Sainsbury's Home - class in glass | Cook's Collection spice rack, PS15, Sainsbury's Home - class in glass | Spice bottles, PS22, House of Fraser cork-top jars, if only milkmen delivered them | Spice bottles, PS22, House of Fraser cork-top jars, if only milkmen delivered them | Square spice tins, PS15, Magpieline.