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A man lacking courage and other qualities deemed manly.

milk′sop′py adj.


1. a feeble or ineffectual man or youth
2. (Cookery) Brit a dish of bread soaked in warm milk, given esp to infants and invalids
ˈmilkˌsoppy, ˈmilkˌsopping adj
ˈmilkˌsopism n



a weak or ineffectual person.
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Noun1.milksop - a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertivemilksop - a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive
coward - a person who shows fear or timidity


A person who behaves in a childish, weak, or spoiled way:
Idiom: mama's boy.


[ˈmɪlksɒp] Nmarica m
References in classic literature ?
Nor am I a milksop. Nevertheless, to speak frankly, I do not like my present abode so much as I used to like my old one.
They are disputing about Victor, of whom Hunsden affirms that his mother is making a milksop. Mrs.
He was afraid that Miss Wilkinson would think him a milksop: after all she was a young woman, sometimes quite pretty, and he was getting on for twenty; it was absurd that they should talk of nothing but art and literature.
- The poor child will be the veriest milksop that ever was sopped!
My husband often expressed much dissatisfaction at the lieutenant's preferring my company to his; he was very angry with me on that account, and gave me many a hearty curse for drawing away his companions; saying, `I ought to be d--n'd for having spoiled one of the prettiest fellows in the world, by making a milksop of him.'
He thought Jos a milksop. He had been revolving in his mind the marriage question pending between Jos and Rebecca, and was not over well pleased that a member of a family into which he, George Osborne, of the --th, was going to marry, should make a mesalliance with a little nobody--a little upstart governess.
Above all he must crush that conceited milksop who was the cause of it all.
East was evidently putting his best foot foremost; and Tom, who was mighty proud of his running, and not a little anxious to show his friend that, although a new boy, he was no milksop, laid himself down to work in his very best style.
He must have been an extreme milksop not to say angrily, "Look there, now!" especially when his resentment was sanctioned, as it was, by general disapprobation of Maggie's behavior.
If I was a fine, young, strapping chap like you, I should be ashamed of being milksop enough to pin myself to a woman's apron-strings!
The stage-manager walked away, shrugging his shoulders, fuming, muttering insults at those milksops who remained quietly squatting in a corner while the whole theater was topsyturvy{sic}.
Consent to this whipping, my son; to the devil with the devil, and leave fear to milksops, for 'a stout heart breaks bad luck,' as you very well know."