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 (mĭlk′wûrt′, -wôrt′)
Any of various plants of the genus Polygala, having variously colored, irregular flowers with two large petallike sepals. Also called polygala.

[From the belief that it increases human lactation.]
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(Plants) any of several plants of the genus Polygala, having small blue, pink, or white flowers with two petal-like sepals: family Polygalaceae. They were formerly believed to increase milk production in cows. See also senega
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(ˈmɪlkˌwɜrt, -ˌwɔrt)

any of numerous plants or shrubs of the genus Polygala, having flowers with winged petals.
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Noun1.milkwort - any of various plants of the genus Polygalamilkwort - any of various plants of the genus Polygala
genus Polygala, Polygala - type genus of the Polygalaceae: milkwort; senega; snakeroot
Polygala alba, senega - perennial bushy herb of central and southern United States having white flowers with green centers and often purple crest; similar to Seneca snakeroot
candyweed, orange milkwort, Polygala lutea, yellow bachelor's button, yellow milkwort - bog plant of pine barrens of southeastern United States having spikes of irregular yellow-orange flowers
bird-on-the-wing, flowering wintergreen, fringed polygala, gaywings, Polygala paucifolia - common trailing perennial milkwort of eastern North America having leaves like wintergreen and usually rosy-purple flowers with winged sepals
Polygala senega, Seneca snakeroot, senega root, senega snakeroot, Seneka snakeroot, senga root - eastern North American plant having a terminal cluster of small white flowers and medicinal roots
common milkwort, gand flower, Polygala vulgaris - small European perennial with numerous branches having racemes of blue, pink or white flowers; formerly reputed to promote human lactation
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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The only signs of spring in this place are the return of a few birds to the glen and the appearance of the little flowers of the bog-buck bean, lousewort, milkwort, tormentil, roseroot, and a few Alpines.
The smaller shrubs were the Spreading Wattle Acacia genistifolia, Golden Pea Aotus ericoides, Mountain Milkwort Comesperma retusum, Sticky Boronia Boronia anemonifolia var.
In Japan, ten projects were selected from the domestic project category, including the "Coral reef habitat restoration project around the Kerama Islands (Okinawa)," and eight projects, including the "Ex situ conservation project for the critically endangered pink sea milkwort of Noto Peninsula" were selected from the domestic small project grant category.
A Gathering of Larks moves from the minute material of modern life back to the time of Francis, which Carroll captures in lush, precise lines: "lost / among salvia and wild fennel, ox-eye daisies, / sunchokes, milkwort, yellow broom." The fields where Francis "kissed illness / itself" and was changed forever.
Planhigyn arall a'r enw Crist yn rhan ohono ydi Llysiau Crist, sef Polygala vulgaris a Common Milkwort yn Saesneg.
DEBATE Milkwort plant " Claire was sent some scripts before meeting Ron at the production studios in Cumbernauld, where he asked for her advice on how to translate the author's vision to the small screen.
For example, the greater the level of peat, the more likely it is that acid-tolerant plants and flowers, such as heather, sundew, cotton grass and milkwort, will be found.
X Grant POLYGALACEAE (Milkwort Family) Polygala alba Nutt.