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A tax rate on property, expressed in mills per dollar of value of the property.


(Banking & Finance) US an American tax rate calculated in thousandths per dollar


(ˈmɪl ɪdʒ)

the tax rate, as for property, assessed in mills per dollar.
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Grant quarterback Russell Millage broke three tackles in the backfield and scrambled for a 25-yard touchdown with less than a minute left as the Generals erased a 10-point halftime deficit for a thrilling 13-10 OSAA Class 4A playoff victory over the Colts at Franklin High School.
The city approved a series of large millage rate increases in response to the housing market collapse of the Great Recession and resultant decline in taxable values.
The Calhoun County Senior Millage is designed to provide funding for the needs of Calhoun
The options are to pay for solid waste programs from county and local government general funds, privately funded programs, seeking grant funding and a county millage that would have to be approved by voters.
The Heber Springs High School Auditorium/Band Building, was part of a combination of assignments listed on the District's millage campaign.
A delivery truck 18' NPR Boxtruct; with very low millage is included in the sale.
School president Sally Carder told the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record that a 1973 law permits millage increases to pay for construction projects.
Nigel Millage was fined pounds 200 after Coventry magistrates yesterday took into account the fact he admitted the offences and was living on disability benefit - he could have been fined up to pounds 20,000 for each offence.
Ridnour's drive regained the lead for them after the Sun Devils had overcome a five-point deficit with 24 seconds left to lead 82-81, on a three-point shot to finish a 25-point game by Curtis Millage and a three-point play to complete Ike Diogu's 27-point game.
Historical general fund revenue results also capture a lowering of county millage rates and statewide property tax reforms.
After the Midland County Board of Commissioners passed a nearly 0.25 millage renewal for public transportation, voters will have another millage renewal on the Nov.
The options include using the county's general fund, seeking grants and donations and a county millage, and a potential re-opening of the mothballed landfill.