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1. Of or relating to a thousand, especially to a thousand years.
2. Of, relating to, or believing in the doctrine of the millennium.
One who believes the millennium will occur.

mil′le·nar′i·an·ism n.
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(ˌmɪlɪˈnɛərɪəˌnɪzəm) ,






1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity the belief in a future millennium following the Second Coming of Christ during which he will reign on earth in peace: based on Revelation 20:1–5
2. any belief in a future period of ideal peace and happiness
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1. the doctrine of Christ’s 1000-year kingdom.
2. a belief in the millennium; chiliasm. — millenarian, n., adj. — millenarist, n.
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A belief in a period in the future of 1,000 years when Jesus will come and rule the Earth. Millenarianism has produced sects which date the “end” and others which want to prepare people for Jesus’ coming by spreading religion.
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Noun1.millenarianism - belief in the Christian doctrine of the millennium mentioned in the Book of Revelationsmillenarianism - belief in the Christian doctrine of the millennium mentioned in the Book of Revelations
theological doctrine - the doctrine of a religious group
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[ˌmɪləˈnɛərɪənɪzəm] Nmilenarismo m
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During the years of the early republic, Americans' thinking embraced "patriotic millenarianism" and shifted into understanding their new nation's purpose in "prophecies about the people and Land of Israel.
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Godwin, too literally for Hazlitt, secularized millenarianism through a rational perfectionism almost as spectacular as its original.
For the most part, the ideologies that have shaped our contemporary world from the French Revolution onward have been avowedly secular, but Gray contends that they're really manifestations of Gnosticism and millenarianism drawn from the Christian tradition.
Efforts to seize the Kingdom by violence, passive withdrawal from corruption to await the Second Coming, or melioristic reform efforts--all these and other responses," notes historian James Moorhead, "have been adduced from eschatological symbols." (3) Early Mormon eschatology is best characterized as an apocalyptic version of millennialism, one that corresponds conceptually to what theologians call premillennialism and social scientists call millenarianism. These classifications call for careful definition.
Major-General Thomas Harrison: Millenarianism, Fifth Monarchism and the English Revolution, 1616-1660.
In some senses Owen's utopian visions, which inspired the co-operative community he established in New Lanark, can be understood as a secularised version of Price's Millenarianism, underpinned by a deep faith in our progressive nature.
Millenarianism has occurred among many religious, social and political groups.
Visions, Prophecies and Divinations: Early Modern Messianism and Millenarianism in Iberian America, Spain and Portugal
The influence of Bacon and of European utopian writing combined with the political/religious events of the 1640s in Britain and the growth of millenarianism led to a heightened interest in the ideal state expressed in a changed utopian discourse.
Such group millenarianism focused on a returning hero serves, in James Rinehart's words, "as a tool for mobilization and a call for political action in the presence of perceived sociopolitical turbulence." (18) Faith in a Miao King has been observed in a range of Hmong communities.