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Noun1.millettia - any of several tropical trees or shrubs yielding showy streaked dark reddish or chocolate-colored woodmillettia - any of several tropical trees or shrubs yielding showy streaked dark reddish or chocolate-colored wood
genus Millettia - genus of trees and shrubs of the Old World tropics
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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He expressed these views after planting "Sukh Chain" (Millettia Pinnata) at Institute of Banknig and Finance under the auspices of Askari Bank, here on Monday.
Higher on the canopy, flowers deck the indigenous forest trees of Craibia zimmermanni, Lobelia gibberoa and the Taita version of Millettia oblata.
PainKill Plasters' full list of ingredients include Reticulate millettia, saline cistanche, davallia mariesii, Chain fern, wild celery, safflower, spignet, corydalis and borneol.
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Sin-ton-manew (Tinospora cordifolia), Win-u (Millettia extensa), and Phanlan-taung-hmwe (Costus speciosus) were mostly collected for their medicinal values and were used in the treatments for illness, wounds, rheumatic swelling, and pain-relief massage.
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Apocynaceae M latifolia Millettia pinnata Fabaceae L Millettia pinnata Fabaceae L Neorautanenia Fabaceae W 28 amboensis Tephrosia purpurea Fabaceae P Amorpha fruticosa Fabaceae L Piscidia erythrina Fabaceae T 29 Gymnadenia conopsea Orchidaceae M Bletilla striata Orchidaceae M 30 Taiwania Cupressaceae T cryptomerioides Chamaecyparis Cupressaceae T formosensis Cryptomeria japonica Cupressaceae T 31 Gutierrezia microcephala Asteraceae P Saussurea lappa Asteraceae M Artemisia spp.
The most popular fishing gears used for fishing are the seed of Millettia ferruginea (in Amharic called Birbira) and barks of Balanites aegyptiaca (locally called Bedeno).
The medicinal plants that can be made into powder are as follows: Piper nigrum, Aerva lanata, Centella asiatica, Millettia pinnata, Boerhavia diffusa, Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula, and Nymphaea alba.