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Noun1.milliammeter - a sensitive ammeter graduated in milliamperesmilliammeter - a sensitive ammeter graduated in milliamperes
ammeter - a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes
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Request for quotations : C302 (c302) in the amount of 13 (thirteen) units, kilowatt meter c 301 in the amount of 15 (fifteen) units, milliammeter m381 in the amount of 10 (ten) units, kilovoltmeter c33 (e365) in the amount of 10 (ten) units.
Each of the sections 1-2 and 17-18 of the manganin wire MM', with its associated milliammeter and adjustable current supply, is really a potentiometer operating according to Poggendorff's [1] little-used "second method." The first application of this method as the basis for a commercial instrument for specific applications appears to have been made by Lindeck and Rothe [2] at the Reichsanstalt in 1899.
A milliammeter on my setup measures the amplified current, so I just need to glance at the needle for a reading.