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Noun1.milliammeter - a sensitive ammeter graduated in milliamperesmilliammeter - a sensitive ammeter graduated in milliamperes
ammeter - a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes
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22 - automatic switches for a voltage not exceeding 1000 V (switches, electric bells, auxiliary contacts, connectors, sockets, control buttons, auxiliary contacts, boxes, milliammeters, switches, Posts push-button, relay sockets LED lamps, Alarm, push buttons); Lot 3 - 27.
B" for measuring the currents in the sections 1-2 and 39-40 of the manganin wire are actually milliammeters, but their 100- division scales are marked "microvolts" to indicate the value of the fall of potential in sections 1-2 and 39-40.
They are for use when it is desired to check the accuracy of the milliammeters, which is done as follows: After releasing the stop on the slider of the fine rheostat at the extreme left of figure 3, the slider is set on the stud leading to the binding post marked "check A.